How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17 Krypton: Your All-in-one Kodi Tool

Ares Wizard is a third party add-on that acts as an all-in-one Kodi tool. In this post, I’ll tell you how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17 Krypton. Ares Wizard allows you to browse builds, load top Kodi Repositories, tweak video playback settings, perform a speed test, and clear Kodi cache.

There’s more…

Ares Wizard hosts famous Kodi Live TV add-ons like SportsDevil, Exodus, UK Turk, 1Channel, DC Sports and many more.

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Moving on with Ares Wizard …

Highlights of Ares Wizard For Kodi 17

Before you proceed with Ares Wizard download, have a look at some of its exciting features for Kodi 17 Krypton:

1. Browse Builds

With this option, you can switch builds for your Kodi 17 from within Ares Wizard. The benefit of builds is that you can try a variety of third-party add-ons that come pre-installed with the builds. Some famous builds within Ares Wizards are:

  • CellarDoorTV
  • Apollo
  • Ares US Builds
  • Ares Builds
  • RAZE
  • Pulse

CellarDoorTV, as an instance, is a popular Kodi build with a beautiful interface and a collection of some of the greatest Kodi Live TV add-ons.

2. Load Kodi Repositories

Ares Wizard allows you to load third-party Kodi repositories from within the Wizard. Although you may decide to download and install third party add-ons, you may be left out on the latest patches and updates for those add-ons.

A better alternative is to download Kodi repositories which keep all the add-ons up to date.

3. Download Add-ons

Kodi Ares Wizard 2017 lets you download famous third party add-ons like Exodus, 1Channel, UK Turks Playlist, SportsDevil, DC Sports and many more. Just launch Ares Wizard> Browse Add-ons and select the add-on from the list of add-ons on the screen.

It’s that simple once you install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.

4. Tweak Video Playback Settings

Kodi is available for download on multiple platforms and there are multiple best devices for Kodi streaming. You can tweak video playback settings on Kodi using Ares Wizard.

Navigate to Ares Wizard> Tweaks> Advanced Settings Wizard and Ares Wizard will automatically pick the best settings for your Kodi device.

5. Clear Cache on Kodi

One of the major issues with Kodi is hands-down the buffering issue. Even when your Internet Speed seems fine, the devil behind this buffering issue is often caching. You can fix Kodi buffering issue by clearing cache on Kodi.

Ares Wizard allows you to automatically clear cache on Kodi device making the streaming experience smoother.

Now I hope these are enough reasons for you to install Ares Wizard for Kodi 17 Krypton.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty details now.

Steps to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17

  1. Open Kodi Interface.
  2. install ares wizard on Kodi

  3. Select Settings> File Manager.
  4. install ares wizard on Kodi

  5. Click on Add Source Option.
  6. install ares wizard on Kodi

  7. Double click where it says none and type in the following URL: http://ares-repo.eu
    install ares wizard on Kodi
    Make sure it is entered correctly and click OK.
  8. Label the media source as Ares Wizard and click OK.
  9. install ares wizard on Kodi

  10. Now move back to the main menu. Select Add-ons> Add-ons Browser.
  11. install ares wizard on Kodi
    install ares wizard on Kodi

  12. Select Install From Zip File> Ares Wizard.
  13. install ares wizard on Kodi
    install ares wizard on Kodi

  14. Select Ares Wizard Repo file: repository.aresproject-x.x.x.zip and click OK.
  15. install ares wizard on Kodi

  16. The repository will be installed in a few seconds. Now select Install from Repository> Ares Project.
  17. install ares wizard on Kodi
    install ares wizard on Kodi

  18. Click on Program Add-ons> Ares Wizard.
  19. install ares wizard on Kodi
    install ares wizard on Kodi

  20. Select Install and wait for a few seconds. You’ll receive a pop-up notification on successful installation of this multi purpose add-on for Kodi.
  21. install ares wizard on Kodi
    install ares wizard on Kodi

  22. Now from your main menu of Kodi, navigate to Add-ons> Program add-ons> Ares Wizard.
  23. install ares wizard on Kodi

  24. Ares Wizard will start extraction of files and install. Give it 10-15 seconds and your Ares Wizard splash screen will appear.
  25. install ares wizard on Kodi

  26. You can now browse builds or download add-ons from your Ares Wizard in no time.
  27. install ares wizard on Kodi
    install ares wizard on Kodi

Having problems with Ares Wizard?

Ares Wizard is a third-party add-on so you won’t get any help regarding it on the official Kodi site. If you’re having any difficulty during or after installation, you can share your queries in the comment section below.

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