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How To Make Antivirus Using C++ Programming Language

“In this post you’ll learn how to make Antivirus using C++ programming language. Keep Reading on if you’d rather learn how to code one instead of using a well known antivirus! (Source Code Included)”

Are you a curious programmer or maybe just a beginner who wants to try new things? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Think how cool it’d be if you make your own antivirus.

Here at Freak Sense, we’ll tell you how to make AntiVirus using C++. Although, you can write the code in any programming language of your choice, but we’ll focus on the concept in C++.

What’s the focus Point?

The main point behind searching any virus is identifying the code structure of its virus file.

Suppose, we’ve found the following virus in computer.

How to Make Antivirus in C++

Now we’ll see the Binary code of this file.

Simply open this file in your favorite text editor. I advise you to use Notepad++ for the purpose.

Upon opening the file, you’ll see all unknown characters in file. What you have to do is just concentrate on characters which are identifiable (consider the image below).

Virus exe File opened in Notepad++

You can also create a table for easier lookup. As a reference, see the following table:

Identifiable Characters in Virus.Exe FileSr. No.CharacterLine No.Character No.

1 M 1 1
2 Z 1 2
3 P 2 9
4 E 2 10
5 ( 9 3
6 % 9 4



See the table description below:
Here 1st character = M
2nd character = Z
In 2nd line,
9th character = P
10th character = E
In 9th line,
3rd character = (
4th character = %

Take at least 10-12 character samples from the file and write it in text file in the following format:

Virus Database
Now this file will act us our virus Database. We can simply update this file and supply it to the user for better protection measure.

Let’s start the scan!

Now, suppose we’ve to scan any user specified folder. Let’s write code in C++ for the same.

For doing this, we need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • STEP 1: Get a list of all the files present in that folder including sub-directories too.
  • STEP 2: Scan them one by one using the character sample we’ve collected above. If the characters at positions specified above are matched with those in files, then it would be tagged as “Infected”.
  • STEP 3: Delete the virus file, in case we find them.

Its Programming Time:

[cpp] /* The program written below is an exclusive property of

You are not allowed to copy/reprint it in any social media like:-

books, internet, blogs, etc. without the permission of the organization.


#include <dirent.h>

#include <string.h>

#include <fstream.h>

#include <conio.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <iostream.h>

int scan_this(char *file_name)


char *pattern, *line_in_file;

char file_ch, ch;

int val, val2, flag;

ifstream fin3, fin4;; // incase the file is not accesible

if(!fin3) return 0;

else // file is accessible | 100% it is a file.


//Opening Virus Database File“db.txt”); // this is our character pattern file







if(!strcmpi(pattern,”End”))return -1;

else if(!strcmpi(pattern, “virus”))


if(flag) return 1;

else continue;



else if(!strcmpi(pattern,”LINE”))


fin4>>val; // got the line number

// skipping initial lines to reach the line number

for(int i=0;i<val-1;i++)


fin3.getline(line_in_file, 300);


fin4>>val; // got the character number

fin4>>file_ch; // got the character

//skipping initial character to reach the character





if(file_ch == ch) flag = 1; // matched.

else flag =0;

fin3.seekg(0); // set to start





void main()


char comm[300], dirpath[100], file_name[200];

char ask;

int response;

ifstream fin;

cout<<“Enter Directory you want to scan: “;


strcpy(comm, “dir “);

strcat(comm, “dirpath /b /s >tmp.$$$”);




fin.getline(file_name, 200);

response = scan_this(file_name);

if(response == 1)


cout<<“<–!! Caution.! A Virus has been Detected..!”;


cout<<“nPress Enter Key to Delete it.”;

ask= getch();

if(ask == 13)


remove(file_name); // delete the virus





cout<<“Scan Complete.!! Thank You for using our anti virus”;



Note: You need to create an Executable (.exe) file of this program before using it anywhere. To create Executable, simply save your program in any name and then press F9 twice.

Code Explanation Summary

The code written above has 1 major function as listed below:

system command

It executes the DOS command within the c++ program. The command executed in the program is, dir /b /s >temp.$$$

This, command, lists all the file present in current working directory including sub directories and saves them in temp.$$$ file

…and the rest is File Handling.

So, now we have come to the end of our post.

That’s all the information you require to make an antivirus using C++. Once you are familiar with the concept and logic behind it, you can try to make Antivirus using C, Java or any other programming language of your choice.

For any further doubt or query, please feel free to comment below using the comment Box.

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