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Harnessing the Power of Your iPhone: Apps That Make a Difference

The surest way to identify cool apps for the iPhone that are useful to people is to ask about it on the forums. Users’ recommendations span a diverse range, including apps for exploration, sleep enhancement, educational purposes, mental well-being, and even culinary adventures. Indeed, apps to help you catch those Z’s seem to be a particular favorite. Explore our handpicked selection of top-notch best iOS apps based on the opinions of forum users.

Must Have iPhone Apps

  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy, recognized for its philanthropic approach to learning, offers an array of no-cost online resources aimed at fostering knowledge acquisition in individuals of all ages. Whether formally enrolled in an educational institution or merely nurturing a passion for continual learning, the platform accommodates everyone eager to expand their understanding.

  • Tidal

Are you passionate about music? Discover Tidal – the ultimate music streaming platform that goes above and beyond what other apps offer. With a rich selection of pure audio tracks, engaging music videos, exclusive shows, and movies, Tidal provides a diverse entertainment experience. Indulge in a breadth of content unrivaled by most music apps, all accessible with a simple monthly subscription. Say hello to a world where music and video stream in harmony, tailor-made for audiophiles and visual enthusiasts alike!

  • Call Recorder for iPhone

Recalling every word of a phone conversation isn’t just tough, it’s nearly impossible. But what if you could capture those moments effortlessly? Call Recorder for iPhone is your go-to tool for documenting every critical call detail. In the iOS version, conversation recording is available without time limits, in good resolution and absolutely safe. You can use the conversation recording app to save important conversations with partners or clients, as well as to remember valuable lessons, tips or wishes. You never know when you’ll need a record phone call on your iPhone urgently, but you won’t have time to download the app. It’s better to prepare in advance – this is your insurance policy against scammers or your own forgetfulness.

  • Tunity

Ever faced the frustration of trying to enjoy a TV show but you’re thwarted by a mute screen or drowned out by ambient noise? Tunity steps in as your personal audio rescuer. With a quick scan of your TV screen, the app delivers the audio directly to your device, letting you tap into the action through your headphones. It’s the perfect companion for those who find themselves in noisy bars and prefer to be absorbed in the game rather than enduring a chatty neighbor. Redditor mike-mag recommends Tunity as an ideal solution for such moments when all you want is to focus on your watch.

  • Google Translate

For anyone seeking to bridge communication gaps across borders, or needing a convenient tool for translating essential vocabulary, Google Translate seamlessly converts your text into the desired language. The app isn’t limited to just typed text; it supports translating through drawing—ideal for non-alphabetic characters. When equipped with a microphone, your device can also interpret spoken language, and for select languages, it even provides audio playback of the translation. Additionally, Google Translate harnesses your phone’s camera to provide real-time translations of physical text, such as street signs or personal notes.

  • Libby

Suggested by the user awkwardly fired on Reddit, Libby operates as an online library that is accessible at no charge if you possess a library card. You can link your library card to the app and peruse the ebooks and audiobooks your local library has on offer. To read a book, all you need to do is download it. Every item borrowed is automatically returned when it’s due, so you never have to worry about overdue fines. With Libby, you get all the benefits of a library visit right from the comfort of your own home–an ideal solution, especially during times when stepping out isn’t an option like a global pandemic.

  • Finch

Considering the joy of having a feathered friend without the hassle of cage maintenance? Discover Finch – the iPhone app blending self-care with virtual pet bonding. Adorned with delightful bird graphics, Finch is lauded on Reddit for its positive impact on anxiety management. It marries custom self-care routines with digital pet nurturing, providing solace for both you and your virtual companion.

  • iNaturalist

Endorsed by the Reddit community member mmmmw hu, the iNaturalist app empowers nature enthusiasts to snap photos of flora and fauna and identifies the species with the aid of “visually similar suggestions along with confirmations from committed contributors,” as detailed in the app’s description.

  • SkyView Lite

Attention all stargazing enthusiasts, from seasoned skywatchers to the casually curious! Get ready to explore the celestial wonders overhead with SkyView Lite. This user-friendly app brings the universe to your fingertips; just aim your smartphone at the night sky, and it’ll unveil the mysteries above. Discover the twinkling stars, trace the ancient constellations, spot wandering planets, and even track orbiting satellites. There’s a whole cosmos beyond the familiar Big Dipper, and with SkyView Lite, you’re equipped to uncover it.

  • Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the go-to app for meditation enthusiasts around the globe, offering a variety of guided sessions led by renowned experts—including neuroscientists and psychologists from prestigious institutions like Stanford and Harvard. Despite the original poster’s account being deleted, their contribution to the nearly 400-point Reddit post is much appreciated.


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