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The 3 Best Screen Recorder Software for Windows in 2019

The best screen & video capture software for Windows helps you track and save the screen on your PC. It offers tons of useful features to save your time and deliver highly accurate results.

In this article, we have reviewed the 3 best tools to make your work easier.

TweakShot Capture

TweakShot Capture is one of the best screen capture and video recording software that offers the fastest & safest way to capture your screen.

Here, you can take a screenshot of an active window, full screen or any rectangular area as a graphics file. It also works as editing software and helps you perform a few basic editing tasks like cropping, resizing, highlighting, and more.

This best screen recorder software for Windows offers tons of useful features to make your screen capturing process seamless.

This powerful screenshot & video capturing tool is helpful for business usage, for teaching & training purpose, for students, and for general usage. The main features it offers include:

Snapshot full screen

It allows you to capture a screenshot of your current browser window in full screen.

Capture window

It allows you to capture a screenshot of a single window on your screen in case you have multiple windows open on your system.

Image editor

It offers a full suite of rich image editing tools to help you edit screenshots. You can even create an image of your own using these tools.

Capture Video

Working the best video capture software for Windows, it also helps you record all screen activities including mouse movements and onscreen changes.

Area Selection

It allows you to select a specific area or particular region from the active window that you wish to capture.

Capture scrolling window

You can use this tool to capture scrolling window effortlessly with a single click.

Screen color picker

This best screen recorder software allows you to pick any color from the image and screen or copy color code making designing easier for you.

Active window screenshot

You can use this screen recorder software for Windows to capture a specific active window from multiple open windows on your system.

Tiny Take

Tiny Take is the next powerful screen capture video that helps you capture screen and capture video from the screen in Windows 10.

You can capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows or capture video from YouTube, capture full-screen video, and can-do lot more.

It also works as a best audio recording software for PC where it records high-quality sound with videos. The primary features it offers include:

Capture and Annotate Images

Use this powerful screen recording tool to capture and annotate images effortlessly. Here, you can record and capture whatever you see on your computer screen or select any region or window that you want to capture.

It also allows you to markup screenshots with an arrow, text box, highlight, or picture caption so that you can decide how you would like to share it on the web.

Capture and annotate videos

You can also use Tiny Take to capture and annotate videos. Here, you can capture full screen on Windows or capture specific selected area effortlessly.

It is laced with best audio recording software to help you record quality sound with best videos.

In other features it offers:

  • Save or share your captures and files
  • Bulk file sharing
  • In-built viewer for standard file types
  • Directly upload video captures to YouTube
  • Long term storage with an online gallery


Being one of the best screens & video capture software for Windows, Sangit is trusted by millions of users around the world. You can use Snagit to create images and videos to share your knowledge and work.

Here, All-in-one-capture captures your entire screen, a region on the screen or capture scrolling window effortlessly.

It also supports Android and iOS devices thus you can use it to capture screenshots on these devices as well. It also helps you capture wide, horizontal scrolls, infinite scrolling webpages, and more.

You can use this screenshot capturing tool to turn any short recording into an animated GIF.

So, these are 3 best screen & video recording software for Windows you can use to capture screens and videos effortlessly. If you know more such tools, then feel free to comment below.

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