Dominate the Rift with the Best MOBA Games of All Time

Cooperative strategy games are much-loved by gamers who seek adventure, strategizing and quick decision-making opportunities in-game.

The trend of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games emerged through Aeon of Strife and since then, new forms of MOBA games have begun to surface.

The gameplay style of MOBA games is similar to each other. As a player, you choose a hero/champion of your liking, choose a set of abilities along with the lane you shall represent in your team.

Your team only has one goal throughout the game – outweigh the enemy team and dominate the rift. Players head on to destroying the base of the enemy teams, gain power-ups and rewards upon winning.

Now that games are classified into varying categories, MOBA is one such category that has occupied a greater part of the gaming industry that exists today.

Just as the name suggests, these games are meant to be played online. The only dilemma of online gaming is an unsteady internet connection, ping spikes, and FPS fluctuations.

So, if you are interested to try out any of the MOBA games we have compiled in the following list, you should opt for cable one internet packages and eliminate the possibilities of ping latency and lag beforehand.

1. Dota 2

Likely the only Valve creation that turned heads in the MOBA world. The game itself emerged as a Warcraft III mod but Valve took the mod’s concept and turned it into an originator of the current stream of MOBA games.

Currently, the game’s player base has given the throne to league of legends yet it doesn’t falter in securing 11.19 million active players monthly.

It is also one of the fewest MOBA games with a dedicated tournament having a prize pool extending millions of dollars.

Currently, the game has 117 heroes divided into groups such as Jungler, Pusher, Carry, and Support, to name a few. You can select any hero from their corresponding groups and choose to excel in their relevant abilities.

2. League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is the only MOBA game that took the frontline of esports tournaments. Having a hundred million players monthly is probably a small number for the game’s creators Riot Games.

Clearly, the MOBA throne now belongs to LoL. Dota served as the prime basis of inspiration for the game but the appealing visuals and the uniquely grasping lore and gameplay of LoL is what has earned it the stature it has today.

The gameplay, however, follows the same concept as Dota 2 or any other MOBA game out there. A rift where you have to fight 5v5 with the enemy team and secure your place in the Summoner’s Rift.

3. Smite

A third-person view MOBA game, Smite is unique all around. This time you aren’t playing with fictional champions or heroes instead Smite has Norse and Greek gods as playable characters.

You can go against both the gods of Thunder, Zeus and Thor in-game. How exciting would that be? Your goosebumps are going to have goosebumps when you play in an arena full of mythical gods where the battle showdown between the teams is an experience of its own.

While Smite wasn’t able to earn the same recognition as League of Legends and Dota 2, it still acquired a visible spot in the esports landscape and is now an integral part of the championships and tournaments held at the Hi-Rez Expo.

4. Heroes of the Storm

Warcraft creators, Blizzard Entertainment took the MOBA realm by storm with Heroes of the Storm.

It is almost self-explanatory for Blizzard to enter the MOBA scene since Dota 2 was initially a mod of Warcraft III.

The game, however, is based on a newer concept but the characters are from the ever-popular Blizzard games such as Diablo, Overwatch, and StarCraft and of course, Warcraft.

So, you can say it’s a fusion of existing Blizzard games into one game. The Heroes of the Storm MOBA is relatively new and is expected to gain popularity over time.

There are only 87 heroes in the game as of now. The only unique twist Blizzard brought to the MOBA scene is that you have to power-up your abilities in-game instead of buying items.

There is no option to purchase and upgrade items rather you have to constantly upgrade the abilities of the heroes to win the battle.

5. Strife

Strife has visuals and gameplay that reminds gamers of League of Legends. Even the map looks highly inspired by LoL.

If you thought Heroes of the Storm had a shorter gameplay length and hero roster, wait until you play Strife. With only 26 available for now, the game is still known amidst the increasing competition.

The only way you will outweigh the opponent party is through Kratos, a huge gorilla-like monster whose assistance you would need throughout the game to win.

You can summon the creature in the middle of the arena and leverage its power to destroy enemy turrets and their base.

6. Vainglory

MOBA games that support cross-platform environments are a unique find. Adding a mobile MOBA in the list was a must and couldn’t be left out.

The game was initially meant for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) but eventually, the creators decided to bring it to both Mac and Windows platforms.

You team up, choose the map and secure your lanes by fighting off the enemy teams trying to occupy your lane. The goal is to knock down enemy turrets and enforce your dominance amid the battle.

That’s all that Vainglory is about. So if you are seeking to get the same MOBA gaming experience on your smartphone, Vainglory is the one to download right away.

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