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Why you Prefer Christian Movies over Hollywood Movies?

Watching the same old violence and sex on TV is bringing a bad effect on your child’s mind.

It is even affecting you and forcing you to not indulge in any Christianity based activity. Even reality shows and cartoons are making our children move away from Christianity.

Hollywood is not listening!

The movies bring entertainment to us, but, as Christians, we are promoting these anti-Christian movies. We are in the theatres and enjoy these movies which have a bad effect on our mind and force us to move away from Christianity.

I would like you to suggest that it’s we, the whole Christian community which can help in saving our religion. So, be careful with the movies you watch with your children.

I would like to share my own opinions and how my life has changed since I started watching Christian movies and videos. It has brought in a positive change in my life and has helped me in becoming a better person. As a Christian, I prefer more faith-based movies.

The Christian community has come up with several Christian based movies.

But, are we watching?

We are still evolved in the devasting and destructive Hollywood movies and helping them earn profits.

Is it having any bad effect on us?

Of course, it is!

Not only our children but, we, the adults are also getting affected by the Anti-Christian stuff on TV or in the theatres. We have become violent and are getting away from Christ.

It’s only us, the educated and determined Christians who can save our community from being vanished. So, let’s start it by showing our children the greatness of Christian community and have a positive gateway to their minds.

But, how can this be achieved?

One of the greatest ways to tell our children about the greatness of Christ is to show them faith-based Christian movies rather than the Action DC movies.

I would like you to tell the importance the Christian movies and positive effects of these movies on our life.

Importance of Christian Movies

The true Christians always praise the mercies of the lord. So, do I. But, the true Christians sometimes also lose their way in the context of getting entertained by the filth shown all over our TV’s or on the Internet.

But, who will come to rescue us from the filth shown?

There is a unique concept launched by the people who truly believe in spreading Christianity.

Christian movies!! Christian videos!!

Yes, you heard it right.

My favorites!

The Christian themed movies are among some of the best movies of all time and provide you with the perfect inspiration with wholesome family entertainment.

There is a lot of films with Christian theme based movies and undertones which you can enjoy with family or yourself. These movies range from sports movies to fantasy films.

When searching for the greatest and inspiring movies for your children and kids, The Christian storyline is a must!
But, we need to encourage such movies.

How can we encourage Christian movies?

One of the most important things is to watch Christian films when they get released on the opening weekend.

The movie theatres make a decision based on the viewers on opening weekend on whether to run the shows or not.
Some of the filmmakers say that “Making a movie is easy. But, distributing it is the hard part.

Ways to help

  • Pray: There is no help above blessings. You should pray for the success of Christian movies, filmmakers and the cast and crew.
  • Buy Christian Movie’s DVDs for yourself or as a present at your local Christian store. You can also buy and watch Christian movies online by going on different websites specially assigned to serve the Christian community and spread awareness through Christian movies and videos.
  • Share with family, friends, and co-workers about the upcoming Christian movies- Promote it by sending e-mails.
  • Share it on your social media account.
  • Give online feedbacks to the movies.
  • Support the filmmakers financially.
  • Share the posters. You can paste various posters on the bulletin board of the Church.

I hope I have been successful to make you realize the importance of Christian movies and you are encouraged to promote and watch Christian films.

The Christian filmmakers are increasing which helps in raising awareness and possibilities for the future of Christian movies. If Christians buy DVDs from Christian filmmakers, they will help in supporting the filmmakers and help get the word out.

Go, Grab Popcorn and watch the perfect and best Christian movies alone or with family!

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