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3 Reasons Why Instagram Is the Best Social Networking Platform

It is no wonder why many businesses are ditching the conventional marketing methods and spending more on social media promotion.

The presence of social platforms like Instagram is so omnipresent that buyers do not realize that they are viewing ads on their newsfeed. Thanks to the digital age when social media attracts more customers than traditional TV and newspaper ads.

Besides, social media sites also give you more return on your investment. Of all the social platforms, the photo-sharing site, Instagram is the best to promote your brand. As far as more engagement, market penetration, and ease of use are concerned, Instagram tops the list.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Instagram Is the Best Social Networking Platform

1. Superior Display of Your Content

You can boost your brand presence better with Instagram’s high-resolution photos and videos than Twitter and Facebook.

The picture-sharing site is special due to its user interface. Let us compare Instagram with Facebook. When a user views Facebook from his computer or laptop, he sees links, images, sidebars, and chat screen. However, you can access Instagram through the official mobile app despite having a proper website.

At least 800 million users access the photo-sharing site worldwide. This is a promising data. The greatest benefit is that they only see the pictures and videos. The user interface is simple, easy to use, and clutter-free. Therefore, if you want to promote your brand, Instagram is your best bet for increased customer engagement.

2. More Market Penetration

Young men and women love online shopping. They are impulse shoppers and with Instagram’s brilliant visuals, you can influence their buying decision.

Did you know that about 60 percent of web visitors, who use Instagram, belong to the age bracket of 18 to 29 years?

Today’s youth earn fat salary and love to spend their income. All you need to do is persuade them to choose your products. What better site than Instagram to post your high-resolution product visuals or short videos?

You will need to lead young shoppers to your business website. Again, 70 percent of Instagram users are young women professionals, who love shopping.

Therefore, if you are looking for likes and more people buying your stuff, choose Instagram. You can even contact the social media marketing company Like4Like to boost your marketing efforts.

3. Active Users

Instagram users are more active on this social media platform than Facebook and Twitter. This is the greatest advantage of the photo-sharing site, beating all other social networking sites.

According to a study, Instagram users are 58 times more eager to like your post, share it, or comment on the same compared to Facebook. Instagram drives maximum post engagement through its high-quality pictures and videos. It’s also easy to download other people’s videos by using a site like this one.

The more shares your product photos receive more is the engagement level. It improves your social media presence online.

Users love Instagram more than any other social platform. Therefore, they spend more time on this photo-sharing site. Therefore, make the most of it.


Make the best use of Instagram. Create an original account because its algorithms are smart enough to detect fake ones. Display high-resolution images, behind-the-scenes visuals, and short videos to attract young users.

It will boost your brand presence. People will start loving your brand and your products and services.

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