7 Tips to Become Full Stack Developer

Websites are ever more on demand and with more businesses going digital nowadays, the numbers are expected to grow exponentially.

This has caused a stir and more and more developers are being sought on a daily basis.

There’s, however, a catch.

With websites having two aspects in the whole creation process i.e. ‘front end and ‘back end’.

It has gotten difficult to manage both simultaneously, hence the requirements for full stack developers are coming more into the picture.

What is a Full Stack Developer and What Is Full Stack Development?

In layman’s term, a full stack web developer is the one who knows both the development and designing part of the website.

They work on the front end as well as the back end of the web development process. They know HTML, Java, CSS along with PHP or Ruby or Python or all of them.

Onto the full stack development now; it’s the whole operation of developing both the subsystems of the web development. It involves the user interface, servers, database, and data validation.

Now that you know about full stack development and developers, the big question arises how to become one. And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn.

Here are the 7 major tips to become a full stack developer

1. Know the languages

The person must know and master the development frameworks and programming skills.

It’s the basic languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python and a lot of others that make development happen.

A majority of the development process needs to be written in one of these or with a combination of more than one language.

Along with that, you’ll have to acquire language proficiency in structuring, designing/creating, applying and even testing the end result of the project.

You can also take a full stack developer online course to polish your skills further and be even more expert in your field.

2. Back End Operations

After you’ve gotten hold of the framework basics its time you up the level and get familiar with operations like the database, application logic, and even user authentication.

Technically every program relies on a particular language.

The number of back-end language you learn isn’t of any significance until you know how it works.

That includes understanding the subtle difference of the language you prefer to work with.

As for the topic of best language for back end goes, there is no single one that tops the chart, they are all subjective to different applications.

3. Working with Server, Database and Cloud Storage

During the process of web development learning, a developer has to store the data somewhere in order to access it again anytime later.

While at it, try understanding SQL and learn its benefits. Get familiarity with MongoDB, the NoSQL database.

Try acknowledging the need of the project and implement what could better serve under the circumstances and know what language would be ideal to connect the selected database.

The developer should also learn to store whole session data on the web and cookies and cache on the browsers.

4. Basic Architectural Ability

It’s probably one of the most overlooked aspects in becoming a full stack developer but a developer must know to create or draft a compelling design.

It’s one essential skill one should possess and also know the UI, UX and the basic principles of designing.

A person aspiring to become an influential stack developer can take one of the best Full stack developer course online and practice all the key components until the point of expertise.

5. Data Structure and Algorithms

The topic is highly controversial and mainstream developers express doubts over the usability of analyzing algorithm, matrix manipulation, traversal, and other topics.

But seeing a lot of big shot companies favor this kind of knowledge in theory and practicality, its necessity becomes indispensable.

6. Certification

Many companies might ask you to show some sort of certification or degree for the job role and if you only inherit the mastery but no official certification, they might turn you down.

To avoid such terrible fate one can go for full stack web developer course and acquire the needed affiliation.

There are development firms that give chance to talent more than a piece of paper.

And if you could prove your worth in one of the subsystems of development, you might get to learn the other one as well while working.

It’s one of the easiest ways to achieve full stack developer title.

7. Evolve Slowly

It’s one of the major points a developer must remember.

As there are so many languages on both the front end and back end that it’s impossible to get a grip over every single one.

What you could do is, learn a few languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS and slowly work your way up.

After you have tested your skills to satisfaction, get going with the backend process as well.

Start off with a couple of programming language Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, and practice until perfection.

Do work in tandem with database learning and pretty soon, you’ll also be a full stack developer.


There’s no shortcut, your developer value will depend on how much effort you’re putting into your work and learning.

In the end, it’s your perseverance that will turn you into a full stack developer.

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