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Tips for Promoting SMM on Social Networks

Strategic advice

# 1 – Define a clear goal

Why do you need SMM promotion on social networks?

  • It is fashionable;
  • Everyone does it;
  • There is extra money for SMM-specialist;
  • Your vanity lacks a couple of thousand virtual brand admirers;
  • I want to put beautiful icons on the site;
  • The goal is to increase the number of sales: directly or working with the brand reputation.

Spending time on content, targeting and other SMM social media marketing costs only in the latter case.

#2 – Think about whether you can use your budget more efficiently

Perhaps you are selling household goods in a store around the corner. What can I write about on your Instagram profile?

  • All about choosing adhesive tapes for flies;
  • Benefits of faceted glass;
  • 5 ideal places for a mousetrap;
  • How to buy and where to place another service from which you will not eat?
  • TOP 10 useless gifts.

BUT! The same hypothetical 5,000 rubles that you will spend on the content manager as part of the group’s promotion on social networks can be put on flyers with an action for pensioners.

We guarantee that the CTR in the second case will be many times higher.

# 3 – Deal with internal problems

By creating a platform for promoting your brand on social networks, you give users a place where they can talk about their experiences with you.

Simply put: when your client has any complaints, it is very likely that he will report this to your group. On the other hand, a group in a social network is one of the first sources that potential customers will study to assess the reliability of the company.

Thus, you should not create and promote communities in social networks until you have all the processes in place and you have 100% confidence that the buyer will be satisfied with the goods or service received.

# 4 – Choose the right social network

Classmates for grandmothers, Facebook for fashionable and advanced, and YouTube for schoolchildren? Twitch for all.

And no! A certain share of your target audience is in each social network!

But this does not mean that you need to rush into the embrasure and run SMM promotion immediately on all social networks. Start with the most promising.

By what signs to understand that this social network is right for you:

  • The number of competitive profiles (looking ahead, we’ll say that when promoting in social networks, competitors are best friends. They have already collected the users you need and prepared posts where you can track the effectiveness of this or that type of content);
  • The number of subscribers in competitive profiles;
  • Activity. Where? In competitive profiles, of course!
  • Issuance of thematic search queries within a social network;
  • The number of thematic content.

5 more questions that will help determine the social network:

Who are your customers? Grandmothers or schoolchildren?

  • How much time and resources are you ready to devote to promotion on social networks? Cut a funny picture VK – this is one time cost, create high-quality infographics for Pinterest – completely different
  • How do you see the image of your company on social networks? “Yo, man, try our burgers!” Or “According to statistics from numerous studies, it was found that the amount of endorphins entering the blood within 25 minutes after eating our burger is three times the norm.” In fact, this is also a question of the target audience: boys in caps or boys in ties. Or maybe girls in dresses.
  • Which social network do you know best?
  • What type of content do you like to create the most?
  • Do you want more views on twitch, you can buy twitch viewers also.

# 5- Average check above average? Try Facebook

An adult, modern, wealthy audience is gathered on Facebook – a tidbit for most companies.

From the point of view of promotion, this social network is very conservative: the best promotion guide (including, among other things, interesting cases) is placed in the social network itself, or rather in its branch: Facebook business.

All in an adult way: correctly design a page, publish high-quality materials, reinforce successful publications with advertising, and most importantly, offer an interesting and capable product to interest you – the result will not be long in coming.

# 6 – Instagram: cool, but not for everyone

Instagram is one of the best platforms for SMM promotion in social networks. Why?

  • This is a relatively “young” social network, respectively, the competition is lower
  • For the same reason, the price of tagged advertising is lower;
  • There are many opportunities for interacting with users: live broadcasts, short “stories” that disappear after 24 hours, the main feed;
  • In addition to targeted advertising, there are several more inexpensive and even free ways to promote on Instagram;
  • It is easy to gain audience loyalty through quality content; subscribers are successfully converted into brand supporters.

Who is Instagram ideal for?

  • For “female” goods and services;
  • For a small business with a small budget;
  • For the field of education;
  • To build a personal brand.

# 7- Knock Knock? Is there anyone alive on twitter?

Quote from a 2011 article:

“Of course, today almost every major organization should have its own Twitter account, which will be regularly updated.”

Modern update: your organization will not cease to be considered serious if it does not have a Twitter account.

However, when planning a long-term SMM promotion strategy in social networks, you should not discount this social network.

What do you need to tweet your tweets or what is the secret of success?

  • Recognizable brand: Dmitry Medvedev has a popular profile, yes.
  • Quality content: relevant, sensational, provocative or funny: choose any dialect or mix a few.
  • Using hashtags: one of the main ways to promote.
  • Targeted advertising: you pay – they love you; works since ancient times.
  • Who is Twitter required for? For news channels and public figures.

# 8 – Brands on YouTube

Why you should try YouTube promotion:

  • 2 most popular search engine after Google;
  • 1 billion unique visits every month;
  • 100 hours of video uploaded every minute;
  • Users watch 6 billion hours of video every month.

Who is breaking the jackpot?

  • The most popular brands have 50% more video content than the less popular;
  • On average, a popular brand’s channel posts 78 videos per month;
  • The basis of success is in the quality of content, regularity of publications and competent optimization: ranking mechanisms differ from standard search engines.

What can stop?

Lack of time and money to regularly shoot high-quality video clips. You can learn more from top inbound marketing books wrote by top marketers.

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