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6 Smart Car Technologies You Can’t Resist Falling In Love With

What exactly the future of the auto industry holds for us? What features are going to be there in the cars of future and what to expect from them?

If these questions resonate in your mind then this blog is for you.

Technology has been the biggest impact on automobiles. Any car not laden with futuristic technology is very less likely to leave its mark in the modern auto industry.

Technology has altered everything and has elevated their utility and status a great deal. Smart cars, autonomous cars, and electric cars are the buzzwords in the automotive industries these days.

However, in order to lead the race in modern auto industry, all the manufacturers keep rolling out new features and technologies.

Cars are turning smarter and smarter and it can be anticipated we have already stepped inside the future. Following are some of the technologies, highlighted by Anthony Arnold of Engine Trust, which is sure to excite you. Have a look.

1. Communication among Cars

Gone are the days when communication was only a human’s domain, cars are now their new competitors. Come to think of it, wouldn’t that be remarkable if your car could connect and communicate with the traffic lights ahead in order to anticipate the next move?

Now the car will be able to decide when to start running and when to stop. Really smart, right?

Thanks to such technology, the future of cars are both smarter and safer. These cars will also communicate with each other, which will reduce the risk of collision or accident a great deal.

This type of communication is referred to as V2V or vehicle-to-vehicle communication and some manufacturers have already equipped it in their new models.

2. Dashboard and Windshields More than Just That

Presenting information regarding the car and locality right on the windshield may be something you’ve witnessed in video games. But not anymore as this feature has seen the face of reality. Manufacturers have taken a step further than providing Bluetooth and other features on the dashboard.

Pursuing the approach of innovation, Augmented Reality or AR has found its place in cars in general and on dashboards and windshields in particular.

Now the dashboards are capable of presenting information about the car itself and geographical objects. Amazing, isn’t it?

Not only just general information, but AR technology will also enable the car to let you know if a car is approaching too fast or if you must navigate to a different lane in order to avoid a crash.

AR is also enabled so as to facilitate the driver finding new ways and let the driver focus only on the road all the time.

3. Silence Is Peace

One of the genuine ecstasies fundamental to driving a high-performance car is experiencing the powerful and croaky roar of the exhaust system upon startup or while kicking the acceleration pedal. On that account, this can be a big irritation for the neighbors or other people in the vicinity.

In order to help people living a peaceful life, automakers are coming up with many innovative ideas. For example, Ford is equipping its latest models with “Quiet Mode”.

This technology is specifically made to quieten the violent roars of engine and exhaust. It mitigates the roaring sound to a passive murmur when activated.

4. Self-Driving Cars

Back in the twentieth century, if you asked someone about his wildest imagination, he would have said ‘self-driving cars’. However, we are living in the 21st century now and the tables have turned and imaginations have become realities.

Self-driving or autonomous cars are the talks of the town these days especially after the interest by Google and Apple Inc. who in a race of perfecting the technology.

Even though it will take time before we see autonomous cars setting the roads on fire, yet prototypes are being tested on roads.

These cars will be laden with many modern technological features making use of lasers, radars, and cameras. So, if you happen to find yourself in a situation that a driverless car overtakes you, do not freak out.

5. Smart Car is Energy Saving

The impact of technology on the environment is also a burning issue these days. Fortunately, smart automakers are taking positive steps in this regard by developing new methods to save energy.

One of such steps is the energy-storing body panels which are a better replacement of the big and heavy batteries of electric cars.

These panels, along with storing energy, also charge faster and thus help to save your time and energy. Thanks to their lesser weight, these panels also reduce the weight of the car and thus help to lead towards a more proficient driving.

Some panels are even developed so as to conserve solar energy to generate power.

6. Biometric Vehicle Access

Your fingerprint is pretty unique, right? So why not use it to make your car safer, securer accessible?

This is exactly the same idea behind the development of this technology. Biometric technology allows you to open the door of your car with the fingerprint rather than a key.

Besides making it safer, biometric access saves you time and energy. Not only this but also you can start the engine of the car using the same technology.

So your finger is your key from now on, take good care of it because if you, unfortunately, lose it you will end up losing your car too. Eyeball scanners are also going to be used in the cars very soon. Stay tuned.

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