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Reasons Why SMS Marketing Is Literally Considered To Be The Best Idea Ever

When it comes to business, it is all about your customers. It is for this reason all businesses try out all sorts of ways in which they can keep their customers satisfied.

Typically, your business success and growth will entirely depend on:

  • How broad a customer base you have
  • How well you know their needs and demands
  • How well you can cater to their needs promptly.

For this you will need to establish a connection with them and communicate with them on a regular basis. Though your social media accounts will serve a major part of it, SMS marketing is the most significant way which will provide the full and desired results.

Well, few business owners do possess a notion that SMS marketing is literally the worst idea ever but once you go through this article you will know how wrong a notion it is. In fact, out of all available marketing forms, SMS marketing is literally the best idea ever which does not cost much but only needs a little bit of planning and effort.

Love for SMS

Everyone seems to love SMSs and eagerly waits for that beep that they have set on their phones as a message alert. A beep and a new message is all that they want.

It can be from any one, a friend, spouse, teacher, or even the strict boss in your office asking for an immediate presentation of files.

Apart from a message from your lover, another message that you will surely love is the irresistible offer made from one of your favorite brands or a retail chain.

It is for this reason that most of the text messages sent have a much higher open rate as compared to the open rate of emails. The first thing that almost everyone, barring those aliens, does is to open the text message. You will hardly find a person deleting a message without even reading a single word of it.

  • The reason to this is that SMS text messages are not spams which has a high probability when it comes to emails. This is because when you want to send invitations via text you will have to follow the rules for such marketing. Yes, these are essentially permission based.
  • Moreover, SMS marketing is 100% opt-in based. If you put it simply, the customers will have to give their consent before accepting SMS messages.

When it comes to permission for opting in, new subscribers can do it in one of these three ways:

  • They can double opt-in through web widget
  • They can text to join in or
  • They can add their mobile phone number to the compliant sign up form.

Out of these three ways, the last one seems to be most common. When they finish the opting in process, an auto reply is sent to the new subscriber confirming their subscription. However, if it was an ‘accidental’ opt-in, the subscriber can end it simply by replying ‘stop’ ceasing all messages.

Everyone reads it

No matter what type of text is sent, everyone seems to read it before opting in or deleting it, well almost everyone. According to research it is found that:

  • 90% of all types of text messages sent are opened within the first three minutes after it is sent
  • Almost all of it is read within the first five minutes after it is sent and
  • More than half of these people reading the message eventually end up making a purchase decision.

These stats are not fluffs. A recent study conducted by corroborates with it and suggests that almost one third of the target audience receiving the SMS ads respond to the messages and most of them make a purchase. These research results speak in volumes for it.

The DND factor

However, it is true that the US citizens can stop such messages by registering them with the do not call registry but that has nothing significant to do with or affect the practice of sending and getting of SMS.

That means it will not affect your mobile marketing strategy.

  • In fact, a major part of the US populace has already registered with the DND registry but there is no definite statistical research data that can support this assumption.
  • Secondly, in the US the Do Not Call registry protects the consumers only from the unwanted calls and just that. This registry is typically designed to prevent those aggressive telemarketers from harassing the consumers and therefore this has got absolutely nothing to do with text messaging.
  • However, if for some particular reason you find that you are still receiving unsolicited text messages you can file a complaint.

But the good thing is that since text messaging is entirely permission based in nature you may never really come across such situation. This is another reason why SMS marketing is so popular among marketers and business owners, small and big.

The character limitation

Another good thing about SMS text messaging is the character limiting factor. This not only  forces the marketers to get to the point right away but it also prevents them to shoot any message to the subscribers that might annoy them or include anything that they do not want to know.

Typically, text messages should be within 160 characters or less which means the marketers should focus only on  making the offer and make it most irresistible and not drone on and on with a long marketing message. This is because:

  • The subscribers are only looking for exclusive offers and opting in
  • They do not want to hear about their or your day going and
  • They want a simple message with an actual deal.

Therefore, the 160 character limit on SMS messages ideally makes the messages ideal!

The final thought

Just like with any other form of marketing method, SMS text messages may also come off as obnoxious at times and so can PPC ads, DM and Facebook.

However, this has nothing to do with the channels but everything to do with the quality of your message and the offer that you make.

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