Nowadays Every School Needs an App: Here’s why

The pandemic has affected every industry, and education is no different. It has made schools and colleges realize the importance of being online. However, this has also made it difficult for staff to synchronize everything, leave alone engaging with students or parents. 

If you haven’t created an app yet, it’s high time to use a school app builder. Not sure why your school needs an app? In this article, we will discuss the top reasons you need to invest in a mobile app. Let’s get started!

1. Live Streaming Classes 

Do we need to mention the importance of live streaming classes during the pandemic? 

Most schools pivoted to online classes last year. However, not every student has a computer to attend classes. With a mobile app, you can allow them to use their smartphone to attend online classes.  

Teachers can even record classes so students can access them later if they missed anything or haven’t understood a concept. 

2. Easy Attendance Marking

The mobile app enables you to better manage the attendance of every student. For example, teachers can take attendance in minutes and notify parents of low attendance easily. Apart from students, schools can also track staff attendance, ensuring everyone comes to the school every day. 

3. Assign and Manage homework

The school mobile app allows teachers to assign homework to students. Parents can even check the homework assigned to their children and ensure they complete it on time. Students can then mark the homework as complete and even submit a digital copy for teachers to check. 

4. Provide Additional Study Resources

Apart from live classes, video archives, and homework, teachers often provide additional study resources such as PPTs, important topics, and e-books. A mobile app allows you to do exactly that. Plus, students can arrange everything as per the subject for easy access and reference. This can come in handy during exams. 

5. Easier Communication with Parents

Teacher-parent communication is very crucial for every school. In 2021, the school app pays a vital role in increasing engagement between them. Teachers can communicate with parents from anywhere and keep them updated about their kids’ performance. 

Parents can also better understand school policies, fee structure, exam schedule, their kids’ attendance, and other details. 

6. School Bus Tracking

As school operations resume, it is crucial to ensure student’s security. For example, if you offer transportation services, a school app can allow you to track school buses in real-time so you can ensure the safety of every student. You can also check the driver’s information and keep the parents updated about their kids’ whereabouts. 

7. Accept Fees Online

In the era of social distancing, you need to offer additional ways to parents to pay fees. One way to do that is by letting them pay fees via a mobile app. You can integrate a payment gateway to accept fees online. Apart from making it convenient for parents, it also increases the chances of getting the fees on time. 

8. Promote Community Involvement

Schools often participate in local communities and programs in their neighborhood. A school mobile app makes it easier to contact board members, promote fundraisers, and link to community events via social media. You can even invite community members to share their opinion or concerns related to the school. 

9. Save Time and Money

As parents and teachers are always updated with the children’s details (performance, attendance, and more), it can save a lot of time. In addition, parents are also timely updated about the latest events in the school, minimizing the chances of them calling back-and-forth to the school. 

10. Help Store Every Data

Mobile apps can act as a centralized hub for every piece of information. Be it video classes, study materials, exam details, or results; you can store everything in the mobile app. Both parents and teachers have access to these details. 


If you’re looking for a short answer to whether my school needs a mobile app, then it is yes. A school app builder like Andromo will help you create a mobile app without coding. Sounds exciting? Try Andromo for free today!

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