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The types of businesses that benefit the most through social media promotion on Instagram

In the contemporary world, the advent of startup and business indicates the shift in the mentality of the people regarding the economy.

The world economy is dependent on the various businesses and more and more people are interested in having their own startup in order to ensure that they have an independent source of income. The pattern of conducting business has also changed in the contemporary times.

The influence of social media cannot be ignored, and today we have a number of businesses which rely on the internet to prosper. With the help of the various features and platforms on the internet, we can promote any kind of business and generate a significant amount of profit through the traffic that we get from the internet.

However, it is observed that certain types of business promotion get a major success compared to others.

Why conduct business through the internet?

In the contemporary world, the importance of the internet cannot be denied. More and more people are using the internet for all kinds of help they need and everything that we do today are based on the internet.

When the influence of the internet is so strong in our daily lives, it also has a significant role to play in the contemporary pattern of business.

The social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr are some of the best options for business promotion since they are extremely popular and accessed by a majority of the
population in the world.

Since millions of people with varied tastes, interest is accessing the social media platforms for a significant amount of time every day, it is a very potent ground for business management, and more and more people opt for it. The following are some of the types of business which gets the best exposure and promotion through the social media platforms like Instagram.

Beauty and cosmetics

A number of companies which are conducting their business in beauty and cosmetics products choose Instagram since it is an image intensive platform and they are able to showcase the types of products they have.

The brands for different beauty products have their own Instagram profile. Other than that online website portal that is dealing with beauty and cosmetics products from various brands also use Instagram to showcase what they have to offer to the masses.

Majorities of the people who are browsing through the Instagram are women who are looking through cosmetic products and hence keeping in mind, the statistic, the use of Instagram for promoting the business based on beauty and cosmetics products is very suitable.

Apart from the promotion of businesses related to beauty and cosmetics, people would also come across Instagram stores which deal in cosmetics from all over the world, and these are the perfect solution to getting every type of brand that is not easily available in your country.


The demand for apparels through online stores is very high, and there is a number of popular online stores for apparels today. The idea of selling various apparels through the online store is mainly based on images of the product from every dimension along with the description of the product where every detail about the measurements and the material are provided.

On Instagram, you can not only share the behind the scenes of your company for apparels but also generate sales and the traffic from your Instagram account can get converted to prospective clients in the future. The Instagram store can also be built for the business.

The description of the apparel can be given in the caption section, and when proper hashtags are being used, you
can rest assured that the images would be easy to discover for those people who are looking for similar photos but do not have any idea about your website.

Sponsored ads for your site on Instagram would also ensure that people are clicking on the link and are getting redirected to the site. You can notify about the sales and discounts through Instagram, and it is observed that such notification regarding the genre of fashion is particularly very high on demand on Instagram among Instagram followers.

Entertainment and showbiz

The features of Instagram seem like they are custom made for the genre of showbiz and its promotion. You can primarily upload images, and with the new updates over the years, you can now upload collage of images, multiple images in the form of a slide in a single upload, boomerang videos, and normal short videos of one minute at the most.

You also have the option to come live on Instagram which is an excellent option for interacting with the followers and fans. A number of celebrities across the globe have their Instagram profile for sharing about their daily lives and at the same time promoting their current projects in an informal and more communicative manner.

Short videos on their lifestyle, or the trailer of their latest movie, Instagram is the go-to place to update all these to the fans and one can prosper to a great extent when they are opting for Instagram promotion while being in the showbiz business as a number of people browse through the celebrity uploads in no small extent.


There are different types of business that you can conduct and promote through the internet. However, it is observed that certain types of business tend to get more exposure to those others. It can be concluded if you are conducting any of the businesses mentioned above, Instagram can be your sure shot way of ensuring a complete solution to promotional works and making sure that you prosper in your business on the long run.

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