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How To Use a Car Duster

If putting your car through an entire wash, polish and wax routine isn’t your idea of a good time, a car duster is a great way to extend the effectiveness of each wash routine.

Find out how to properly use a car duster, how to avoid scratching your vehicle and where to turn for the best car cleaning accessories. Shop online for the best car bubble, dusting products and other accessories to treat your luxury car right.

Can Car Dusters Scratch Your Vehicle?

One of the most common concerns of car dusters is that they will scratch vehicle paint. There are some genuine concerns behind this claim, but using the best car dusters and proper dusting techniques prevent scratches or other damage on your paint job.

It pays to invest in a quality duster. Choose a highly rated duster that uses a wax-coated cotton cleaning surface. This collects dust and debris without wiping it around or dragging it across your paint job. The result is a clean surface that is free of annoying spots of dust and light debris. When used to complement your thorough wash routine, a car duster is a must-have product.

Remember that your car duster isn’t meant to replace standard washing. Even a professional car duster shouldn’t be used to wipe away mud, water or heavy amounts of debris. Attempting to clean a large amount of debris off your vehicle will not only result in a less-than-satisfactory clean, it can also reduce the lifespan of your duster.

Instead, gently wipe the surface of your lightly dusted vehicle. Pollen, dust and other small, dry debris clings to the paraffin wax coated cotton. A simple shake can remove much of this dust from your duster before placing it in a protective case.

A vehicle exposed to more debris than this should be thoroughly washed, polished and waxed first. Go through your routine cleaning to restore the shine and protective coat your car deserves.

Car Cleaning Accessories

Your new car duster is a great additional to your cleaning routine, but it doesn’t replace quality car cleaning accessories. Here are some other items you should pick up to complement your arsenal of interior and exterior car care products:

  • Jelly blades
  • Tire brushes
  • Car buffers
  • Professional cleaning solutions
  • Drying towels
  • Portable vacuums
  • Custom-fit car covers

Jelly blades make it easy to wipe your windows as you clean and care for your car. Tire brushes provide the same light cleaning as car dusters, without compromising your duster with additional grime from your wheels.

Pick up a car buffer set to power through your polishing routine. Dynamic pads and quality polishing products turn an ordinary vehicle into a stunning ride. Drying towels, portable vacuums and storage covers all complete your full car cleaning kit.

Enjoy a brilliant exterior and comfortable interior for years to come with these quality cleaning accessories. Shop online to discover how affordable and convenient it is to filter, sort and purchase products based on your vehicle and your cleaning routine. Treat any car like a luxury ride with these products.

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