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6 Best Downloader Tools to Download Any Media from the Web

Most of the time, we all download our data such as videos, audios, images, and more, directly through our browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer.

All the downloaded data can then be seen spread out on the Downloads folder and would be most difficult to find if we forget the name of the file.

Then, there are other situations when we need, but due to slow Internet speed, even that is not possible.

These are some instances where Download Managers come into play and make it possible to handle all our downloaded data in an ordered manner.

Below, you can find a few download managers that have free and paid versions, which help you easily manage your downloading data.

Top 6 Downloader Tools of 2019

1. Ninja Download Manager (NDM)

NDM is a download manager software which is available on MacOS and Windows.

NDM provides a high downloading speed, and it is 20 times faster than the usual browser speed because it downloads data from multiple connections.

They have the option to pause the downloading of files and then resume it from the point it was paused. The downloads which are not required at that moment can be saved, and it can be downloaded later.

Usually, when we download files using the browser, we will not be able to see the data until it has been fully downloaded.

But NDM provides a provision where the file can be previewed as it downloads. A different feature of NDM is that we can directly drop the links (of the required files to be downloaded) on to NDM.

We can also control the speed of the download, the number of simultaneous downloads to occur as well as schedule when exactly we would like the file to download.

2. Free Download Manager (FDM)

As the name says, it is a completely free download manager which is available for different versions of Windows and MacOS.

FDM supports downloads in different kinds of protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and BitTorrent.

FDM divides the file into a few sections and downloads them simultaneously, increasing the speed of download.

FDM easily organizes the downloaded files by categorizing into predefined folders using the file type.

Now, while we are streaming a movie and video calling a friend, instead of interrupting the download, FDM allows us to reduce the download speed, hence allowing us to continue both actions comfortably.

Another benefit of FDM is that it supports more than 25+ languages so that the user can choose their preferred language.

We are also able to check the speed and completion percentage of the downloaded data through any other Internet-connected device.

3. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

DAP allows us to achieve high download speed by switching between mirror sites; this means that DAP searches for websites that provide high speeds and then switches to the immediately without interrupting the progress already made.

There are times when we click on download links which may not contain any data, but when using DAP, it automatically detects whether the link is broken, removed or expired.

By using DAP, we can directly download videos and audio files from websites such as YouTube and allows the conversion of these files into MP3 format.

But in DAP, privacy protection can be accessed only when you have a premium version of the software.

4. JDownloader

JDownloader is an open source software written in Java and has different versions available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

It can automatically solve CAPTCHAs using its OCR modules, which makes it easier for us to handle. It supports an automatic extractor for RAR archives that also includes a password search listing.

Another benefit of JDownloader is that it supports about 300 decrypt plugins for many services.

We can also set bandwidths which allow us to use multiple applications without interrupting the download progress.

But the installer contains adware so it should be deselected before proceeding with the installation.

5. EagleGet

EagleGet is a free download manager that is available on multiple browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, and it supports different protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and RSTP.

It allows multiple download queues with a smart scheduler so that we can select the time and day of when the file should be downloaded. It automatically detects if there is any media content on the selected website.

EagleGet contains a malware checker tool, which alerts the user if there is any virus and ensures that the downloaded file contains genuine content.

Also, we can adjust the priority order for our downloads when we need something to be immediately downloaded. After completing all transfers, the computer will go to sleep, shutdown or hibernate.

6. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM is a paid download manager that is compatible with multiple Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and more.

IDM supports proxy servers, firewalls, FTP and HTTP protocols, cookies, audio, and video content processing.

It increases download speed up to 5 times and can pause/resume the download progress if any issue, such as loss of network, occurs.

To accelerate the downloading speed, IDM splits the file to allow the simultaneous download of the file.

Like other download managers, IDM also consists of a schedule that enables the user to set priorities for when the file should be downloaded.

If you are a music fanatic then you can use a SoundCloud Ripper and then download the file through IDM. It also contains an anti-virus checkers which ensure that the file downloaded does not contain any malware.


These are just some of the available download managers that allow your downloading experience to be much more comfortable.

Apart from these six download managers, there are many others that provide the same features such as uGet and Xtreme Download Manager.

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