How to Choose CCTV Surveillance Cameras?! A Beginner’s Guide!

Security cameras and security systems are becoming very common necessary these days.

The crime rate and the amounts of burglaries and home invasions in the US are very high currently, and not only businesses but also homes should have security cameras installed.

CCTV surveillance cameras have a lot of amazing advantages for business and homeowners. They are a great deterrent for criminals, and they also help with monitoring and maintaining your home or business.

Also, the tech of security cameras has also improved dramatically in recent years.

These days, surveillance cameras are much more affordable and easy to install, but the process of selecting and installing the right kind of surveillance camera in the right way is still quite difficult, and it can be very confusing for people who are installing cameras for the first time.

So, here we have created a small guide for you so that you can understand and choose the right kind of cameras for your home or business.

1. Understand Your Security or Surveillance Objectives

The first step to get the right kind of surveillance cameras is to understand your objectives and requirements. Different kinds of cameras and different installation strategies are suitable for different requirements.

So, you need to know what you want your cameras to do.

Do you want to use a camera for indoors security, or do you want them for the surveillance of a parking lot or a road?

Or, do you want a camera to keep an eye on your employees? Either way, you will need different kinds of cameras. So, the first step is to know your requirements and create a plan accordingly.

2. Consider the Price Range

Another major concern that many people have when they are selecting security cameras is the price range.

Where the price range should be definitely kept in mind, you should not compromise on quality for a little discount on the price.

You will find very cheap cameras available in the market, but they aren’t reliable, and they can end up costing you a lot when they have to be replaced.

So, try to find the right balance between price and quality and don’t get attracted by low prices.

3. Consider the Amount and Kind of Storage

Storage is another major factor that has to be considered when you are buying a security camera system.

For a home security system, you don’t need cameras with too much storage, normally around a week of footage is more than enough for a home, but if you are running a business, you should have more storage.

Some cameras have local storage, while others have cloud storage. For a home system, the storage specs don’t have to be too impressive, and you can even get home security cameras that have SD card slots. For a big business firm, you should have local and cloud storage.

4. Consider the Kind of Lens

The lens of the camera you are installing also has a lot of importance. For indoor implementations, you should have a lens that has a smaller focal length and a smaller angle, so that it can capture more clear footage at close range, while if you are monitoring a large outdoor area like a parking lot or a road, you should opt for wide-angle cameras with a longer focal length.

5. Add Some Extra Security Measures to Assist Your Cameras

Sometimes, security cameras alone aren’t enough to deter criminals. Sometimes criminals don’t even realize that cameras are installed, or they use masks to cover their faces.

You should add some other security features with your cameras to maximize security. You should consider adding some motion-activated floodlights and loud alarms with the security camera to deter any potential intruders or criminals.

6. Install the Cameras in the Right Place

The effectiveness of your surveillance cameras largely depends upon the position they are installed. Choosing the right position for the cameras is not a super simple job. In some cases, you can easily determine where to put a camera, but when you have to cover a large space that requires a lot of cameras, you have to make sure that there aren’t any blind spots. You also have to find spots that give you the best footage, and the picture quality is not affected by the glare of the sun or lights for indoor cameras.

7. Consider Hiring a Professional

Are there any companies that do security camera installations near me? This is the first thing you should be asking yourself if you are planning to implement a security system.

Installing a single camera on your front porch is simple enough, but if you have to monitor a whole building, then the process is much more complicated.

You need to have a complete plan for the cameras and the wiring. You also need to make a monitoring room for the cameras, which is a very difficult and almost impossible task if you don’t know much about security systems and security cameras.

So, you should consider hiring some professionals if you want to implement a large scale security system.

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