Zenmate VPN Review – Fast, Secure and Easy to Use

You get a google security message early in the morning, that someone out there from a different city was trying to access your google account!!

How often has it been that these securities messages keep popping up in your Gmail inbox?

Let me guess its once in a while every few weeks. But do you know why and how your data reaches these unknown sources??

The answer is quite simple It’s the pages you open and the digital footprint you leave behind on the internet that gets traced and creates such security threats. The common solution that you might hear for such security woes is to set up a VPN.

However, all the Tumblr blogs and social media accounts that are screaming about setting up a VPN might leave you flabbergasted!

But, it is a must since the cybercriminals are leveling up and your digital footprints can get tracked with ease in the world of web.

A VPN is not just a system that protects your real IP address, It is the gatekeeper of your private data and personal information as well. Hence setting up a VPN for your system such as ZenMate VPN is a must.

Benefits of having Zenmate VPN

Although by VPN setup you can avoid major cyber threats however there’s more to VPNs like ZenMate that would keep your network game ahead of the curb. Here are a few benefits of using top-notch VPN apks like ZenMate:

Make your browsing invisible: A browsing history says a lot about your shopping trends and usual payment gateways. This makes it easier for hackers to track your payment trends and details.

However, when you use a VPN the browsing history of your system becomes non-traceable from your local networks. Hence no one can take a peek into the details of your online activity when you use a VPN.

Access geo-restricted sites: A lot of websites are geo-restricted in certain countries due to beliefs and political reasons. However, geographical issues should never stop you from seeking information and knowledge.

In such cases, ZenMate VPNs are a great aid to help you break free from restriction boundaries and access information across the globe from any corner of the world.

Download files faster: If you use torrent to download videos then you might know that your ISP can make its download speed nerve-wracking.

In case you’re not adapt and patient with slow internet speed the VPNs can be of great help. With a VPN you can rest easy about the download speed and download your videos in minutes.

ZenMate VPN Performance

The efficiency of a VPN is measured by the way it performs over a period of time. A VPN that connects quickly and provides amazing speed is a must for browsing through the internet smoothly.

So, if you need a VPN that helps you to get things done at a lightning speed then ZenMate might be the Ideal Choice.
To know about how this VPN apk performs read on:

Speed: The ZenMate VPN usually provides a speed of 60-65 Mbps which is a pretty decent speed and will help you in getting your work done in no time. Although there are pricey VPN that provide high-speed connections. The connection speed offered by Zenmate is ideal for your daily internet browsing and activities.

Connection time: The time for creating an internet connection through a VPN medium can be an important factor. An efficient VPN connects to the internet quickly. The Zenmate uses 10-12 seconds for connecting to the internet which is an ideal connection time if you use a VPN for a longer duration of time and don’t keep on traversing between the VPN and regular connection.

ZenMate Pricing

ZenMate has an amazing pricing policy for its users. The longer you subscribe to Zenmate’s services, the cheaper it gets. The amazing pricing along with a seven-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee makes the subscription of ZenMate way too irresistible to ignore.

The subscription plan of Zenmate is given below:

1 Month Subscription: If you want to try ZenMate before you become a long term user then the 1 Month Subscription is best. In this plan, you’ll have to pay $8.99 per month to use the VPN services.

6 Month Subscription: When you choose to be a long term user of ZenMate, you get amazing offers and get ZenMate discount coupons to use for your further purchase. Hence if you are subscribing to it for at least 6 months instead of paying $8.99 you’ll be charged $7.49 per month.

1-year Subscription: You can also buy ZenMate VPN at an amazing price if you subscribe to it for 1 year. In this subscription plan, you’ll have to pay only $4.99 monthly for a year.

How to download ZenMate

ZenMate is available as a chrome extension, windows software and Mobile application for its users.

Below are the instructions on installing it on each of these systems:
For Windows: To download this amazing software on your Windows Operating System download the VPN setup from ZenMate’s official website and log in with your email. After email confirmation, you can start your 7 days free trial instantly.

For Android: ZenMate also has an android app to provide your phone VPN. Go to Play store and type ZenMate VPN in the search bar and the application will be available in the search result. Install it and confirm your email to avail 7-day free trial or grab 83% discount on ZenMate VPN offered by Dealarious.

For Chrome extension: If you just want to protect your browser and its search history you can use the free chrome extension of the Zenmate. It comes with a simple on-off feature and protects your browser however rest of your data remains visible.

To wrap it up

Zenmate is an excellent VPN software for common users. It can protect your data safely without compromising your internet speed.

With the amazing subscription plans, it is the perfect application that can aid you in escaping the clutches of black hat hackers and restrictions while browsing the internet.

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