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What Are Sound Masking Speakers & Why Your Business Needs Them?

Does your business have an open plan, and are most of your employees working in the same area? Do you have a restaurant that is quite visited and crowded? Or, are you running any other type of a company that could benefit from sound masking? Not to be confused with white noise, a concept further explained here.

Sound masking is basically the method of using ambient background noise turned to the right frequency to create more privacy for conversations. Even though it may sound counterintuitive, adding sound to a place can actually make the place quieter. Why? Because the added sounds reduces the intelligibility of the human speech, making it less distracting. In fact, this way, people may not even notice the conversations being held right next to them.

What Are Sound Masking Speakers?

How can you actually achieve adding the sound used to mask human speech to an area? Is there any equipment designed specifically for this, or do you simply have to buy any set of speakers and play some noise through them? While you may think it is the latter, if you’re assuming that all speakers work on the same principle, it is actually the former.

Put differently, there are specific speakers out there designed precisely for the purposes of sound masking applications. Their features, designed so as to meet this particular purpose, make them perfect for all kinds of businesses that require sound masking so as to operate successfully and efficiently. All you have to do, thus, is go shopping and search for sound masking speakers specifically, instead of buying any type you’ll come across.

Read about the benefits of sound masking in the workplace: https://www.safeopedia.com/safety-benefits-of-using-sound-masking-in-the-office/2/8662

Why Does Your Business Even Need Them?

Not quite ready to go shopping yet? That’s because you don’t really understand why your business may need them. And, that certainly has to change, so let me tell you about some of the reasons why you could actually benefit from this piece of equipment.

Ensure Privacy for Meetings

Any company meetings are meant to be private. Sensitive information may be shared during those, and you want the people participating in the meeting to be the only ones actually getting access to such information. Sound masking speakers help you ensure that private meetings are staying private, thus reducing the risk of sensitive info, about product launches, personnel issues, company acquisition or pretty much anything else, leaking.

Protect Customer Info

Speaking of information you will have to protect, customer data is at the top of the list. Running a business without being able to keep customer info safe and private will easily lead to you losing clients and ultimately failing as a company altogether. Once again, sound masking speakers can come to your rescue, especially if you have an open-plan workspace, as they will make human speech less intelligible, thus succeeding in keeping important customer info, such as credit card numbers, or perhaps medical data, completely safe.

As Well As Employee Info

In addition to protecting customer info, you also need to protect personnel info. Doing this isn’t easy if everyone around can hear what anyone else is saying. Thus, investing in sound masking speakers will also make your employees happier in the workplace.

Get Rid of Awkward Silences

You’d think that there’s no such thing as awkward silence in the workplace, and that the phenomena is reserved for first dates and family dinners. Wrong. Believe it or not, awkward silences can be quite distracting in the workspace, which is why sound masking speakers for businesses can come quite in handy, making the workplace much more comfortable.

But Reduce Distractions Too

If silence is distracting, then just imagine what loud conversations can do. The Cambridge Sound Management estimates employees losing up to 86 minutes of their workdays due to noise distractions. High quality sound masking speakers will easily get rid of those distractions, allowing your employees to be more focused on their important tasks.

Thus Improving Overall Productivity

The entire idea of reducing distractions leads to one highly important thing. Improving overall productivity in the workplace. Every business is constantly striving towards increasing the productivity rate. And, sound masking speakers are a small investment compared to what they can do regarding the productivity in your workplace. Thus, they are an investment worth making.

Where to Get Them?

Realized that this is an investment worth making? Then, how about getting your sound masking speakers right away? What’s that? You don’t know where to buy great ones? A completely normal thing to be concerned about, because you want to buy high quality equipment and ensure your investment pays off, instead of just buying randomly and then regretting it afterwards.

So as not to have any regrets, you’ll need to carefully research the brands and the stores ready to sell you these pieces of equipment. Put differently, buying randomly and in a hurry won’t have the best results. Thus, be patient and do your research.

Start by searching for the speakers online, and use this step to get even more familiar with the benefits of using them (additional info) in case you’re still not quite clear on those. Furthermore, you can get suggestions from other business owners using this equipment, as they can refer you to the stores where they bought it, as well as to the brands they believe are of great quality. More diligent research will be in order, though.

The more diligent research involves you searching for reviews written about the specific speakers you’re thinking of buying, about the brands making them and the stores selling them. Finding those brands that are highly respected and well-reputed is a must, because you want to get the best quality sound masking equipment for your business. Of course, checking the features of the speakers you have in mind, so as to determine if those will work for your specific space, and comparing the prices of the equipment will also be important, ultimately leading to buying the perfect set for your company.

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