Six Reasons Tron Is A Good Investment In 2020

Among the many cryptocurrencies causing a wave in the digital market, Tron is a gem with great potential. Tron uses peer-to-peer technology to enable content creators in the entertainment industry to communicate with their audience directly.

It aims at eliminating social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, among others, by decentralizing and putting the entertainment industry on the blockchain.

Tron news has highlighted why this currency has a huge potential for investors in 2020. Here are six of the reasons.

Six Reasons Tron Is A Good Investment

The Target Market

The entertainment industry that Tron is aiming to put on the blockchain is estimated to reach $2.2 trillion in 2021 because this is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world.

Apart from that, the entertainment industry has a massive impact on people’s day-to-day life. With about 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, Tron will have a massive impact once it reaches its full potential.

Tron will be used to upload pictures, content, watch videos, movies, playing music, and other activities supported by social media.

Tron has plans to decentralize the gaming industry too. A sector estimated to reach $300 billion in 2025. Tron will be the most used cryptocurrency worldwide.

Tron’s Partnerships

Tron is working with major stakeholders to break into the entertainment industry. Its major partners include China’s Netflix, Gifto, China’s Snapchat, Obike, and online gaming platforms, each with over 10 million users.

These partners will help Tron conquer blogs, pictures, video streaming, and gaming sectors. Obike will aid with creating awareness about the currency.

In Asia, Tron’s protocol is reaching million users courtesy of its partner companies. Just like the other technologies such as Samsung and Alibaba that started in Asia and are now renowned brands worldwide, Tron will soon dominate the top spot in the cryptocurrency world.

The Team Behind Tron

To achieve their goal of reaching the top six in the crypto ranking, Tron has a tech team that is highly skilled in delivering what they promise.

Tron has a long roadmap to revolutionize the entertainment industry. However, it has the right side to achieve that dream. Tron CEO, Juan Sun is an equally talented leader with the expertise to drive the coin to its full potential.

A Leap in Technology

Tron’s decentralized network affords you the ability to publish without restrictions from any company, and this means any particular company will not dominate the entertainment industry.

Tron advanced technology makes it possible to transfer digital assets. This technology potentially provides you with the opportunity to buy a phone, for example, with your gaming item. With this coin, most people will transform their dreams into reality.

Transparent Communication

Tron is active on social media platforms, providing updates on any developments. Every milestone that it makes is available to the community. So you won’t have to rely on rumors about your investment with Tron.

In case of significant issues that need to be addressed, Tron does live streaming to put things into perspective. Consistent communication allows the community to be informed about their undertaking and thereby build trust and confidence in the coin.

Also, Tron can have engaging interaction with the community and get valuable feedback that further helps improve its development.

Sun Network

With the introduction of Sun Network, Tron can deliver limitless scaling capacity. This scaling platform allows the decentralized application (DApps) to save on energy while at the time ensuring it is secured and efficient.

Most of the DApps have migrated to Sun Network, providing scalability hence increasing the speed for transactions on the Tron application.

In the Nutshell

The network provides 100 times lower fees, transaction confirmation, and free transactions. The system also allows withdrawals from inter chain and efficient execution of contracts on time. Tron developers can migrate decentralized applications while users can quickly transfer funds because Sun Network is compatible with Tron main net.

Tron has increased popularity since its inception. It continues to evolve with efficiency, speed, and more qualities that the community has been looking forward to. With a few years in the market, it has registered remarkable development that has set it up for success.

The partnerships Tron has created and continues to grow, give it a platform to reach the masses across different geographical regions. That compounded with its leadership, workforce, target market, and top-notch technology, Tron is likely to reach the top three cryptocurrencies worldwide.

If you are a crypto enthusiast, Tron provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest and grow your investment.

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