Top 8 Tips to Increase Battery Life of Android

One of the biggest challenges you face on your smartphone device or any other gadget is the battery backup. No matter you have advanced technology battery equipped on your device, it will start giving diminishing performance after a while.

If you are one of those users who is struggling with battery drain on their Android device then we suggest you follow below-mentioned steps to increase your device battery life instantly.

Tips to Increase Battery Life of Android

Update Software

The step to boost your overall device performance should be to update software to latest version.

This simple step will bring you lot of lots of benefits seamlessly. Here, with each software update, you get bug fixes, security patches, and other performance improvement features to improve your device performance.

If you are facing battery drain more often than updating your device to the latest version will also help you fix this kind of issue. To update software, you can keep a tab on software update notifications that you receive at regular intervals automatically.

To update software manually, go to device Settings > About Phone > Software Update.

Update Apps

In addition to updating software, you should also update apps on your device to its latest version.

It will help you improve app and overall device performance significantly. It will also reduce issues like app crash and performance lags.

To update applications on your Android device, go to Google Play Store > My Apps & Games. It will display you all installed apps on your device.

Here, you can check all available updates to improve your device performance. We suggest you update applications while being on Wi-Fi or on better network. It will help you instantly install all available updates.

Similar to software update, application updates will also help you fix bugs (if any) that are hidden in apps and causing battery drain.

Kill Background Services

Many apps running in the background provide you latest updates & notifications.

It is useful feature to some extent when you prefer to have all latest updates about individual apps but it cost a lot of device resources. When apps run in the background they also consume battery in addition to other device resources.

Thus, it is suggested to kill apps running in the background. This simple tweak will not only help you save device resources (including battery) but it will also boost your device performance significantly.

To kill apps running in the background, go to Settings < Apps and swipe left to find all Running apps. Here, you can kill all unnecessary apps from running in the background.

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Remove Unnecessary Apps & Bloatware

Bloatware comes pre-installed on your device in the form of manufacturer based apps & programs.

While some of these apps & programs come as a useful addition to your device, a number of other tools remain idle on your device storage.

It includes those programs as well that you rarely use. Thus, these unnecessary items not only occupy precious device resources (including battery) but it also makes your device run slow.

Thus, we suggest you find and remove all such unnecessary items to increase battery life and save device resources. To uninstall all such unnecessary apps, go to Settings < Apps.

Here, sift through the app’s list to find and uninstall all unnecessary apps instantly.

Turn off Unnecessary Services

There comes a lot of services that come built-in on your device to help you perform different tasks seamlessly.

These services include Wi-Fi, GPS & location services, Bluetooth and more. Here, if you are not using these services actively ta hen we suggest you disable all such services.

It will not only help you save device resources but it will also boost your device performance.

Turn on Battery Saver

Latest Android devices offer battery saver functionality where it kills all unnecessary services on your device to extend your battery life.

Here, it runs only necessary services that are helpful to perform basic tasks. You can enable this feature from an instant menu by swiping down your home screen.

Use Apps

In addition to other built-in features, you can try third-party apps to boost your device battery life.

Here, you can use battery saver apps, Android cleaner apps, cache cleaner apps and other tools to save and optimize your battery life.

These powerful apps work automatically to help you extend your device battery life and improve overall device performance.

Remove unnecessary widgets and live wallpaper

Widgets are a useful addition to your device that helps you perform different tasks instantly. But these widgets consume a lot of device resources (including battery) to keep you updated with latest notifications.

Here, if you have unnecessary widgets lying on your device home screen, we suggest you remove them instantly. In addition to that, you should also prefer static wallpaper instead of animated one to save device battery effortlessly.

To change the wallpaper, visit your device settings.


Here, we have discussed some of the easiest tips to increase battery life of your Android device.

These simple fixes can help you boost your device battery life and improve overall device performance. In addition to above-mentioned steps, if you know more such tips & tricks then feel free to comment below.

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