Top 5 Best App Uninstallers for Mac in 2019

Just like a lot of unnecessary files & folders, your system also stores a lot of redundant apps over time that not only occupies precious storage space, but it also makes your system running slow.

If you have a lot of these unnecessary apps installed on your Mac, then it’s time to get rid of them. To do this, you can use the best app uninstallers for Mac for instant and effective cleaning. Let’s discuss some of these tools here.

1. TuneupMyMac:

TuneupMyMac is one of the best Mac uninstaller apps that helps you clean & optimize your Mac for improved performance.

You can use this tool to clean your system in a single click. It helps you free up tons of storage space on your hard disk.

Working as an effective app optimizer tool, it helps you scan all installed apps on your system and allows you to remove unwanted ones.

Furthermore, it helps you remove redundant parts of these apps that are designed for other platforms. It only preserves suitable parts of the program that is useful for your Mac.

You can use this powerful tool to uninstall unnecessary apps in a most secure and effective manner.

In other features, it helps you remove cache files, clean duplicate files, remove unused language files, remove unneeded apps from startup process, remove old & obsolete large files, clean log files, and more.

Working as a file shredder tool, it helps you permanently delete secret files & folders to make them unrecoverable. It also works extensively to keep your system privacy & security intact.

You can use TuneupMyMac not only to uninstall apps on Mac but also to boost your system performance.

2. CleanMyMac X:

CleanMyMac is all-in-one optimization tool for your Mac. It helps you clean megatons of junk on your system to make it run faster & smoother.

It helps you clean system junk, photo junk, unnecessary mail attachments, iTunes junk, trash files, and more. This powerful tool also works as an effective uninstaller where it helps you find and uninstall all unnecessary apps on your Mac.

It not only uninstalls unnecessary apps, but it also helps you remove all associated files & programs as well for effective cleaning.

In other features, it offers malware removal, privacy settings, updater, large & old files remover, file shredder, maintenance tool, and more.

3. Hazel:

Hazel offers automated organization for your Mac. Hazel’s App Sweep option is useful enough to completely uninstall apps and their associated parts.

It performs deep cleaning by removing all hidden files associated with uninstalled apps. Here, it will detect leftovers of uninstalled programs and helps you clean them accurately.

You can use this tool to rename your important files and sort them into multiple subfolders based on numerous attributes including name, date and more.

You can use its pattern matching option to create workflows to process your files. You can use this tool to sort a lot of your files & data including old items, movies, music files, pictures, bank statements, utility bills, and more.

Furthermore, it offers Spotlight integration, iTunes & Photos importing, deep support for OS X technologies and more.

4. Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller:

You can use this nifty app uninstaller for Mac to safely remove all unnecessary apps on your system. Its powerful algorithms not only help you safely remove unwanted apps, but it also removes leftovers to perform a deep cleaning.

It helps you manage extensions and disable unneeded Mac startup programs to boost your boot process with just one click. You can use this tool to completely remove apps without leaving any traces behind.

You can also use this tool to delete service files only and launch apps as you did for the first time. By removing leftovers & broken service files, it helps you clean your system Trash as well.

You can also use this tool to hide or disable launch agents, change Mac startup items, clean up screensavers, remove Internet plugins, manage preference panes, remove macOS install files, uninstall Mac widgets, install files and multiple other core extensions and more.

It supports more than 1000 apps for removal on your Mac. It supports multiple language options to help users around the world.

5. AppZapper:

AppZapper is a powerful app uninstaller solution for Mac that offers comprehensive cleaning for your system. It reduces the need of selecting apps manually to remove as it simply allows you to drag & drop the apps to application folder and it will do the rest.

It safely removes all unnecessary apps and extra associated files with these apps. It works on advanced techniques to offer you safe & effective app removal. Using AppZapper, you can recover gigabytes of disk space while boosting your Mac performance.

Try these best app uninstaller tools for Mac to find & remove all unnecessary apps on your Mac. If you have some personal favorite apps to do so, then feel free to comment below.

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