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Seven Tips For Choosing The Right PPC Agency

The success of your PPC campaigns ultimately depend on your agency of choice. To make sure you get the right agency on your side, here are seven tips for choosing the right PPC agency below.

Seven Tips For Choosing The Right PPC Agency

Regular Report Updates

The first attribute of a good PPC agency, one that contributes hugely to your marketing efforts, is the ability to make regular updates on reports.

In all cases, you should be updated on both the positive and negative status of your outreach. Metrics that show bounce rates, click-throughs, time spent on time, and other useful data should be reported in real-time.

This is so that the needful adjustments can be made where needed on time when getting unimpressive results. And also that ROI can be scaled further for the converting campaigns.


This may already be part of your criteria for choosing the best PPC agency. Nevertheless, there’s more to making confirmation about if a company has testimonials or not.

In fact, it is not the number of testimonials they have so far but how relevant those testimonials are to your ad. Major Impact Media as a leading agent has most of its testimonials from entrepreneurs, digital marketers and small business owners.

If an agent is vouched for largely by businesses in your industry, you have greater opportunities with such.

Setting Goals

While you may already have a set of goals for your campaigns, you can spot a professional company from two different companies by seeing which is interested in knowing your ad goals.

But it doesn’t stop there. An agent looking forward to your success would be interested in working together with you during the goal-setting stage.

They should offer nuggets and ROI-increasing strategies for your campaign goals. This way, you can foresee roadblocks and advantages before flashing your card.

Recommend Best Pricing Model

Depending on your ad goal, an agent out for your success than it is for your money recommends the best pricing model. Suppose you were looking to create brand awareness for your startup, your target would be traffic and not actions.

In this case, a cost-per-click pricing model would be recommended. On the other side, say your expectation is to generate converting leads to a new great product, a professional agency would recommend a monthly percentage pricing model.

Bidding Strategy

This is quite straightforward. It is a no-brainer that leads generated on automation promise less conversion when compared to those from 100% Google adwords functionality.

To make sure your agency of choice is not automating its bidding management through such platforms as Kenshoo or Marin, make a background check.

Location Targeting

From the onset, here’s an important question your agency should answer. What distance away from your geographical location is the outreach going to span?

In the case where the company gets paid a percent of your total advertisement spend, they are likely to reduce your campaign budget to maximize their own profit.

Therefore, to secure that a larger audience falls on your radial, increase your target geographical area.

Your Budget

Finally, check through if the agent has the kind of subscription plan that works for you at your budget. Meanwhile, for when you have to discuss a custom campaign price, make sure all details are discussed even when you’re offering a low budget.

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