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8 Simple Ways To Save Money on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Costing

If you are in a smartphone, computer, tablet, or similar business, PCB cost is something that you cannot deny. In the same way, you might be looking for ways to cut production overheads.

Many people start compromising PCB quality, which is not the right way. Because law quality leads to decreased device life and can harm your business reputation.

Therefore to secure your device quality and business image, here we came up with ideas that can cut your PCB cost.

Let’s learn about them;

Ways To Save Money on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Costing


Minimize PCB Board Size


Board size is one of the obvious factors, the same way you cannot neglect that it takes a great chunk out of your wallet. Therefore, reducing the board size is one of the biggest concerns for all businesses. But do not forget, too big or too small board sizes can also prove a burden on your pocket. Want to know how?

Remember, larger board sizes will be expensive as manufacturers need to buy more material. Whereas to meet smaller board size needs, manufacturers have to look for precise equipment. And that could be a costly affair. Hence, always look for a balanced board size that saves your pocket and the manufacturer’s efforts.


Stay Within Your Minimum Spacing Requirements


Many people get confused with shrinking spacing with PCB size. However, these both are different concepts. Reducing space size means you are making necessary changes in PCB layout designs. And this can be done with a professional’s assistance.

With a PCB CAD layout, you can add more features on the same board. For this, you just need to look for a professional and experienced PCB layout designing company, who can help you to achieve your financial goal.


Use the Biggest Diameter Possible for Holes


Smaller holes on the PCB mean you need to get ready to pay extra. Therefore, it will be great to look forward and go with more than 0.4mm hole size on your board. Keep in mind that the small size of boards means your manufacturer will need precise machinery and will surely charge extra. You can also ask the manufacturer to share quotes for different sizes of hole sizes.


Use the Right Via for the Job


Vias are used to define the density and frequency of your PCBs. Therefore, when you are on a board to save money, think about these three vias – through-hole vias, blind vias, and buried vias and their purposes. Like, if you want high density and frequency in your device, choose between blind vias or buried vias. Otherwise, there is no need to pay additional charges to manufacture, if your device requires low density or frequency.


Set Your Design Up for Panelization


PCB manufacturers always offer a good amount of discounts on giant orders. Because manufacturers can place orders on rapid-fire pick in one go, the best thing it helps to save time for changing settings. Therefore, when you are going to place an order, choose a bulk quantity. On this journey, Choosing a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Company will be a great decision to minimize design cost.


Chill Out on the Extra Layers


Before you are going to add a bunch of additional layers on board, wait and think twice. Because every additional layer will add an extra burden on your pocket, in the same way, we cannot challenge that an additional layer helps create more space, power plans and boost performance.

Still, you need to think about your design. You can also seek expert assistance to make a fair decision. So, the compact is best if it is needed for the design and functionality of the device.


Use Only Industry Standard Sizes and Components


The electronic industry always sticks to some size and components. Do you know why? Because it is easier for everyone to do the job easily and efficiently. Even it improves the scope for automation for those dealing in high-tech pieces. So, you can also avoid money wastage on components assembly by hand and stick to industry standard specifications. It makes the process easy and helps to cut costs.

Important Note: Do Not Compromise Over Material Quality

If you are going to ask the manufacturer to use cheaper material, wait!! Think about when you use cheap quality material for PCB, and your device fails to work within a few days, weeks, or months. Even the regular complaints from customers can also harm your business reputation.  When you are going to save money for the short term, the worst thing is the probability of losing business forever. Hence, when it’s about choosing material, always stick to standard quality stuff.


So, you have learned about eight important ways to save loads of money on PCB manufacturing. Keep in mind that you can save lots of money on PCB manufacturing if you choose a reliable and experienced PCB layout design company. Because short designs with great functionality can cut your board and many other components’ cost.

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