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The 3 Best Deebot Black Friday Deals 2019

This is yet another time when the robot vacuum cleaner sales drop their prices so that you can enjoy what they do best. Well, don’t miss to grab a Black Friday deal with the best Deebot Black Friday deals 2019.

Therefore, if you’re looking for one, then you came to the right place because in this article I’m going to highlight some of the best Deebot black Friday deals.

It is your opportunity to get your all-time favorite new device at a discount. The average price of most Deebot cleaners is about $250 but during this Black Friday sale season, you can get an effective and reliable cleaner at a discount.

However, before you decide to make a purchase you should first understand the functions that you want in the robot cleaner and if it will solve cleaning problems in your home.

Besides, you need to also consider the type of coating, the size of your house and the need for accuracy when navigating during the cleaning process.

That is why I have provided some popular Deebot robot vacuum cleaners to help you make an easier choice during this Black Friday sales.

So let’s get to it.

The Deebot N79 S

This is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners that comes from the biggest manufacturer. It is designed in a unique way which makes it easy to clean underneath most furniture.

It has as a remote control in the box and a button on the top which is used for initiating automatic cleaning. When you flip over you’ll get to see the dual side brushes.

Its side brushes can also be replaced after 3-6 months. Therefore, Its design is pretty good.

App and Alexa

It has the App and Alexa to help you get the most out of this cleaner. You will need to download and connect the application so that you can set it up.

Once you’re connected to Amazon Alexa you to give commands whether you want it to clean or stop the cleaning you can also control it the return to its dock.


It has impressive cleaning performance because of its 3-stage cleaning System with the main V-shape roller and the two side brushes Additionally, smart motion navigation and Wi-Fi connectivity also contributes greatly to the performance of this robot vacuum cleaner.

It also offers powerful cleaning modes, app control and it is affordable hence it makes it a better choice for you.

Deebot N79 S sells just for $230 which implies that you are guaranteed to up to 40% of the regular price. Therefore, taking into account the characteristics and functionality of this Deebot cleaner I think it is the best Black Friday deal that you can grab for yourself.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 offers excellent vacuuming. It also has a vast cleaning customization option that makes it attractive to owners with multiple story buildings or larger homes.

The design of this robot vacuum cleaner is that it measures 3.7 inches high and 13.7 inches wide. It also has a Smart Navigation 3.0 technology to help in navigating around your house while doing the cleaning. This cleaner also requires a basic setup to assemble it.

Voice and app controls

It has Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands that come with advanced features including direct control, cleaning modes, scheduling, and various accessories status.


It has multi-floor mapping which can save up to three maps. Additionally, it has a suction power up to 1500 pa which makes a good vacuum cleaner despite being a little noisy with less runtime.

Therefore, with customized cleaning options and multi-floor mapping, this Deebot cleaner can be a great choice for larger homes.

Well, you need to know that this is among the expensive models with an average price of $ 700.Therefore, Deebot Black Friday 2019 will be the first sell where you can buy this robot at a 10% discount. You will have this cleaner at a relatively lower cost.

Ecovacs Deebot 500

Ecovacs Deebot 500 has three brushes that allow it to pick up stubborn dirt and dust on the floor. The main brush is so powerful that allows it to accomplish most of its work.

Additionally, it has three cleaning modes. The auto mode is the first cleaning mode in which you can use it to clean the entire household. Spot mode cleans specific places on your floor which also makes it a popular mode because it is thorough and precise.

Edge cleaning mode allows the vacuum cleaner to clean the edges of your floor hence removing dirt from those unreached edges. Max cleaning mode gives the vacuum an extra suction power to effectively remove dirt from certain spaces.

Additionally, when using this robot vacuum cleaner you have two options whether to use a remote control or a smart device that is connected to Amazon Alexa. Its smartphone app is well designed thus being among the favorite option.

This robot vacuum cleaner is most popular among users because it is considered to be an improved version of Deebot N79s with a configuration cost of about $280.

This model was sold during the summer and based on the price history you can see that it came up with the sale of up to 35% discount. Therefore, the minimum price for this product was 180 dollars. This Black Friday let us hope that it will be available at no price more than the previous discount.


After taking into account the Deebot Black Friday 2019 deals you are now set not to miss the best offer because you know what to expect. If you want to buy your desired vacuum cleaner I advise that you continuously monitor the relevant and profitable offers that are being presented.

Besides, it will be also important for you to create a personal account in those sites where you plan to make a purchase. This helps in keeping you on toes when the discounting period Starts. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open so that you may not miss the opportunity of getting the best deal on Black Friday.

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