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How to Troubleshoot Alexa Errors? Some Troubleshooting Steps

Amazon never failed to amaze us with its quality products and for years it has been serving us with the best and that is the only reason why we all recommend Amazon products over others.

From all the Amazon products, the one which is the most loving and the liked one is Echo and the reason behind the same is its virtual voice assistant i.e Alexa.

After the launch of the Alexa devices, it grabs the attention of the users and soon after its release people went crazy before that.

But as we all know that its a technical device which could show us a number of errors which may sometimes bother the users so much. And to resolve this problem Alexa App Helpline Numbers are there.

In this article, we are going to provide you with the steps which you need to know while doing Alexa Setup and then we will discuss some of the errors that you may face while using Alexa.

How To Do Alexa Setup?

It’s not that much tricky to set up the Alexa device but it would be great if you will know the important steps before trying to do the setup yourself.

You have to follow the given steps to do the same:

Download the Alexa App

The very first thing that you have to do is to download the Alexa app on your smart device. It’s the same as you download any other application. Just open the App Store or Play Store and then search for the “Alexa app”, click on the download app.

One more thing that you should have in your mind is, you have to be careful about if your internet is working properly or not.

Plug-In The Echo

This is one of the easiest steps of the whole process. You just have to plug in the power cable of the Alexa and then switch it on. Soon you will see a blue light which shows that Alexa is turned ON.

After that wait till the light turns to orange as that means that the device is ready to greet you. Wait until Alexa says “your device is ready to use”.

Connect Echo with WiFi

To use the Alexa device you have to connect it with the WiFi and for that, you have to use use the app that you have download in your smartphone.

And now it’s the time to connect the device with the WiFi network and for that, you have to open your app and then search there for your device. Connect the device with your WiFi.

The device will notify you after it gets connected with the internet.

Also, you can save this password so that you don’t need to connect it every other time.

Try To Say Something To Alexa

Now you have completed the whole process of Alexa Setup and now you can say the wake word of the Alexa which may be “Alexa” Or “Echo” so that you can give any command.

In case you want to change the wake word then you can tell “Alexa change the wake word”.

Every time when you will say the wake word, you will see a blue light on the top of Alexa which notifies that yes, Alexa is listening to you. If you didn’t see any ring color on the top of device that means Alexa not responding to your voice commands.

The Echo device comes with a number of features that you can even imagine.

But there are many error problems that you may face while using Alexa and these can be:

Alexa Related Errors

  • Alexa is not connecting with WiFi.
  • My Alexa is not hearing me
  • Alexa is not connecting with other devices
  • Alexa is facing trouble understanding me
  • My Alexa is not connecting with Bluetooth devices

These are only a few errors that may trouble you while using the device.

At the End

And that is the only reason why we are providing you our helpline numbers.

Yes, Alexa is a great device but sometimes it also shows some of the errors which we have mentioned above. These errors hinder the path of the entertainment and put a question in the head of the users if they are using the right product or not.

Hence, it is very necessary to troubleshoot all of them as soon as possible or you can just contact Alexa Helpline Number for further assistant.

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