Ultimate Guide to Revamping Your Organic SEO Strategy to Increase Web Traffic

What is the best way to get a steady stream of website traffic?

You may have been wondering that since your site went live. You may have also thought about how to increase the volume of traffic to get more leads.

However, have you paused to consider why you want more people to visit your site?

To increase your sales and revenue, of course, but will increasing footfall satisfy all your sales goals? Will an increase in traffic automatically lead to a boost in conversion rate?

The truth about website traffic

The harsh reality is that not all kinds of traffic convert to sales. If you witness a massive footfall on your site but no increase in your revenue, then you probably are not attracting the right people.

That is what happens when you pay for traffic. Free traffic and fast traffic are myths that SEO companies are now trying to debunk. You need targeted traffic from people who are genuinely interested in your content and your products.

When you become visible to the users as a part of their search result list, you automatically earn a higher click-through rate (CTR).

It is the most significant perk of technical SEO. Organic traffic is the only kind your website needs and your marketing team should aim to obtain.

It requires quite a bit of hard work and long-term commitment. There are no hacks that can get you high ranks organically, and if your marketing agency promises you instant traffic, it is time to consider another service provider.

Paid advertising is not enough

Most website owners are already well acquainted with Pay per Click (PPC) marketing, and most marketing companies are pushing Cost per Click (CPC) schemes.

According to most CPC schemes, paid ad traffic can cost per thousand impressions. It sounds cost-effective, does it not? What if we told you that you could get more than a thousand views on your website without any real user clicking on your link?

There are click-bots out there that contribute to over 90% of the traffic that most sites on paid advertising plans receive. As of the last quarter of 2017, HyphBot, the notorious bot network has cost advertisers over $250,000 per day on an average.

If you are not cautious enough, you can end up squandering money on ads that do not contribute to your revenue at all. If you are already running ad campaigns, you should consider employing traffic detection tools and regular analysis to keep an eye on traffic trends that your ads generate.

SEO is the magnet for all traffic

It all boils down to on page SEO optimization that influences website visibility and organic traffic. Contrary to what your marketing agency may want you to believe, technical SEO still exists. It further diminishes the possibility of instant boosts in traffic and growth hacks.

Keep your visitors close, but keep your competitors closer

Keyword research involves many steps. High traffic websites and blogs often have dedicated teams that focus only on keyword research trends. Given the evolving nature of SEO and keyword optimization, it is imperative for website owners to devote a significant amount of time, effort and resource to it.

To cut this process short, you can focus on the keywords that your competitors are using too. Use keyword analysis tools to analyze your competitors’ blogs or their website content. Choose an application with an interactive dashboard UI that will give you a clear view of the keywords that are performing best and the ones that are relevant to your website and products or services.

Find the questions that your potential customers are asking

It is like a good old episode of Jeopardy. It is quite easy for a blogger and a website owner to find out the trending topics. It is also common knowledge that you can attract loads of quality traffic to your site once you answer the right questions.

However, most webmasters do not know that including the queries as a part of the content increases the chance of ranking in the Google Answer Box.

A standard keyword generator is a miracle tool for keyword research. Most keyword tools do not have features and filters dedicated to questions.

You can still use them to generate useful phrases that you can turn into queries. While looking for possible keyword suggestions, start your sentence with the words that questions usually begin with such as “how,” “why,” “what” and “when,” and juxtapose it with your focus keyword.

Include this in the “include filter” option. It will filter out the keyword suggestions in question form that users are now searching to find relevant products or services. Next, you just have to filter the results as per search volume and difficulty levels.

Dig up some old gems from your repository

Old is truly gold when it comes to generating website traffic. Find the old content that once garnered decent views and raked in revenues. It is time to give it a makeover and re-launch. Experts keep saying how you should post fresh content quite regularly, but what is the point of creating new content if no one sees them?

Repurposing old content sounds quite contradictory to conventional content creation strategies, but it works wonders when it comes to drawing more traffic!

Almost all search engine experts, famous bloggers, and even e-commerce sites update their old content from time to time. Updating old content comes with unique perks.

For example, Google often ranks old, time-tested content much higher than fresh ones. By revamping old articles, blogs, and infographics, you will be saving time, effort and money.

You can breathe new life into old content by updating old data, including infographics and introducing new and optimized images.

You may also have to update the meta tags, alt tags, header tags, meta descriptions, old outbound links, internal links and inbound links. You can also include new sections of actionable content for best results.

Wrapping things up

SEO and traffic are intrinsically related to one another. You cannot expect to reach out to human users without optimizing for search engine bots.

Only investing in PPC and CPC campaigns can lead you to a barren land of bots and zero revenue. Organic traffic requires time and labor. However, it is the best kind of traffic that contributes to your conversion rates.

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