Domain Authority helps Create a Solid Foundation for Earning Quality Backlinks

Handling search engines efficiently and effectively have always remained a challenge for online marketers because of the never-ending ongoing changes in search algorithms.

Everyone wants to be at the top of their game in dealing with search engines successfully, and it is only possible by quickly adjusting to the changing landscape of search algorithms.

Despite the changing search algorithms, one thing that has not changed in online marketing is the importance of backlinks for SEO. Backlinks remain as vital as it used to be many decades ago with the only visible change in the method of evaluating its worth.

What kind of backlinks you acquire is very important today because the focus of search engines to determine link worth is now on link quality over link quantity.

However, it does not mean that only a few good quality backlinks would suffice. Backlinks are like votes in favor of your website, and unless you can gather the sizeable amount of votes, there is no reason to believe that your site is valuable to others.

Only when you can build a healthy inventory of high quality backlinks that search engines would believe in your capabilities of conveying good value to searchers and rank your website higher.

Judging link quality

The quality of backlinks depends on the source from which it originates.

When backlinks come from reputed websites that wield authority in its domain like Forbes, Huffington Post, Washington Times etc. it is like a reward for you, as search engines look upon it with immense respect.

Even lesser-known websites can have high authority, and you must therefore not just run after the best-known ones for acquiring links as it could make the task unnecessarily tough for you.

Instead, evaluate the website quality by judging its authority by some laid down parameters, and if you find it valuable, you can approach it for linking to your website. Your ability to judge site authority, domain authority and page authority of websites you target for acquiring links assumes a lot of importance.

Domain authority and its relation to backlinks

Domain Authority or D.A. is a frequently used term in SEO, and it is one of the crucial factors that decide the search ranking fortunes of websites.

Websites that demonstrate good command over various aspects of the business that the site represents, develop authority in that area which others recognize and respect.

Websites that provide authentic and useful content to its audience that conveys value to them wields high influence in the business niche. These websites are highly reliable to viewers as well as search engines with the latter attaching considerable importance to it for search ranking.

Moz, a SaaS company, has created a metric for determining Domain Authority by using a scale of 1 to 100 with the highest rank relating to the best and the lowest rank to the worst.

There is a direct relation between Domain Authority and backlinks because DA score is low for websites with fewer inbound links and vice versa.

New sites start from 1 and progress gradually, but since the DA scale is a logarithmic scale, it takes a longer time to improve the score when you reach the higher end while the progression is quite rapid until you reach the mid-range.

What is Page Authority?

As Domain Authority relates to the authority exerted by the website, similarly Page Authority or P.A. is a factor that determines the authority of specific web pages.

PageRank is a tool used for determining page authority that uses an algorithm to understand the worth of the page regarding value it conveys to viewers.

Google’s Larry Page has designed the tool, and it measures the authority and quality of any web page by looking at the number, quality, and relevance of the links that it earns from other websites, i.e. backlinks.

Since you want to gather links from high-quality websites, your website too must be of high quality that would encourage others to link to it. Enhancing the DA and PA of your site should be your priority.

Improving Domain Authority

The experts at Kick Media Digital Marketing Company and others use some methods of increasing the DA score.

  • They recommend publishing high-quality content with a sound internal linking structure that smoothens navigation.
  • Promote the content aggressively to gain extensive outreach and higher visibility that paves the way for acquiring backlinks from high-quality websites for building a healthy backlink profile that impresses search engines.
  • Review the incoming links periodically to remove any poor quality links that might be pointing to it.

It takes time to improve the DA score, and you must have the patience to see things work out in your favor.

Improving Page Authority
Improving Page Authority is necessary because the content that the page contains is responsible for enhancing DA.

It all begins by ensuring that you have an optimized page for SEO and it is fully functional. Publish original and unique content that has a lot of detailed information and is relevant for the targeted audience. It would ensure that viewers find it exciting and derive value from it.

Create robust internal links to the page from other pages as well as direct links from it to other pages. Carefully review the external links that point to the page and remove inferior quality links.

Most importantly, acquire lots of external links by judging the authority of websites from where it comes and how much relevant it is for you.

As you can understand, the Domain Authority and Page Authority enjoy a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Earning more external links for individual web pages enhances DA, and the PA also increases.

Therefore, it is wise to focus on building the Domain Authority that is all-inclusive in its approach and elevates Page Authority by creating a solid link building strategy by using superior content that conveys value and satisfies users.

Search engines would come forward to recognize the hard work, and your search ranking goes up.

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