Four Factors That Can Contribute To Achieving The Best Online Gaming Internet Speed

Internet speed is a crucial element that influences gaming experience can be the difference between a lost or won game.

For online gaming, a good yardstick for internet speed would be a standard WiFi connection with speed of 10-20 mbps. Internet speed is determined with bandwidth, network latency and network throughput.

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Here are the factors that are contributing to an online gaming experience

1. Network Latency

Network latency is the feature of the speed at which data packets move via the internet. It could be established with a ping test that generates the result in ms (milliseconds).

The ms outcome is the time it takes for your computer, mobile device or console to communicate with a gaming server. It influences time-to-play as well as live game play.

Lowering the network latency will boost the performance of your online game since the data packets will move speedier. There are three ways to improve the speed:

  • Data packets moving faster between the device and game server.
  • Sending fewer data packets for loading, which generates lighter games.
  • Sending more data packets at a given time.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is quantified in bits per second. It notifies you about the number of data packets which can be fitted into an internet pipe.

Enhancing the number helps with increasing the data volume that is sent at a particular time. This is beneficial for online gaming once a user installs a game or loads the time-to-play data.

Bandwidth is a crucial feature in loading levels within online games as well as for loading the games in itself. Check out the latest non gamstop casino slots not connected to the national scheme.

After looking at latency and bandwidth, let’s see what influences they have on internet speed (throughput).

3. Network Throughput

Network throughput is the concept which is affecting internet speed. It involves both bandwidth and network latency. Where bandwidth relates to the theoretical pipe size of your internet, network throughput involves the actual internet speed.

This is paramount when you’re reviewing your internet speed for online gaming.

4. Geographic Distance

The geographic distance that affects online gaming speed is the distance from yourself to the gaming server from where the request is coming from.

Since data must travel distances over the web, distance is a factor that influences internet speed. The nearer you are to the server, the lesser the network latency. Distance influences how fast speed of light are traveling at a given distance.

Therefore, online players don’t usually play against players from other continents and also the reason why game developers must place game servers in strategic places.

How Your Users Are Perceiving Your Games

The internet speed directly influence how players perceives your games while playing a game. With slow internet speed, your online game is subjected to packet loss, jitter and network congestion which are all influencing the user experience negatively.

With improving bandwidth, network latency and distance to the servers, you can help advancing the internet speed of your gamers.

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