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How to Be Popular – For People Who Weren’t Born Popular

Who doesn’t want to be popular these days?  At least, more than half of the population has the ambition of being famous. Popularity is the illness of modern society and the cure hasn’t been invented yet. You may wonder, what exactly is it about popularity that drives everyone crazy? There isn’t one answer to it, because popularity has a different meaning for each individual.

For some people, feeling the love of society is crucial because it increases their self-confidence and simply, it feels good to be famous.  Being popular has always been connected to talent, but the modern era proved us wrong. You don’t have to be a singer, or an actor or any kind of artist to catch the attention of the masses. Though, what you need is to be creative and constantly looking for new ideas.

How to get famous on YouTube?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of gaining popularity is to create a YouTube channel. What are the requirements for making one? First and foremost, you have to find original content that will be unique and informative. People love to learn without putting too much effort into something.

The second step is to make your content easily understandable for most people, or at least for your own audience. Defining your audience is crucial because the same thing has a different meaning for different people. In other words, something that is highly acceptable for one person may be offensive to another.

The next step is conducting research. Why do you need this? If you are planning to be very famous in our times, you need to work hard, because having a YouTube channel is competitive, indeed.

With the help of your research, you can figure out what is the most desired type of content. You find out the answer to the question – what do people need? Once you are armed with the Information you may hit the road. Keep in mind, that having a YouTube channel is also a type of customer service.

Your customers are the people who watch and stream your channel. Accordingly, you must provide them with daily content and try to offer them something new, because people get bored very easily.

What is the most popular content on YouTube?

According to the analysis of different channels, the most popular types of videos nowadays are food reviews, how-to videos, videos about playing, personal vlogs, unboxing videos, humorous videos,  and challenge videos. However, other types of videos like reactions to movies, or music videos also have a promising number of views.

Clearly, the last one is easiest to do, but the hardest part is to gain followers. It is entirely dependent on personality. In other words, how one will attract people. The reaction videos should be fun and entertaining. Also, while watching, the viewer should be engaged so they choose to continue watching.

How can a video attract a viewer? As we all know, people watch everything because modern technologies give us the ability to reach anything we want. So, what is there for you to do? Make your content eye-catching. People love everything that shines and sparkles.

To make it more clear, you should give your videos vivid and interesting design that convinces the viewer that he or she needs to watch them. But, you must try to create and submit only highly watchable content. It was already mentioned above what is interesting for people.

You can either choose one type of content or several types, but your videos should be better than the ones that already exist because people like to watch unique stuff to share afterward. You should also find ways to market your channel, such as buying YouTube livestream views, or marketing on other social media networks.

As you already know from the article, you must make three crucial steps and these are

  1. Research and define your audience.
  2. Create original content and make it interesting.
  3. Always search for new ideas and inspiration.

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