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Explore the best SEO Tools that Every Marketer Must Use for Phenomenal Business Success in 2019

You know that the web is literally flooded with free SEO tools and crucial resources.

However, if you are looking for SEO success and higher SERP rankings, it is best to choose your kit with a lot of care and deliberation.

Here are some of the best free SEO tools that are regarded by experts as powerful, slick, and truly effective.

If statistics were to be believed, the SEO industry is actually worth $65 Billion as per Search Engine Land. Today nobody considers SEO to be a passing trend; it is very much integral to the success of any online business.

Today, even the tech-challenged entrepreneur knows and understands the significance of search engine and online traffic.

You would come across numerous SEO tools that drive ongoing organic traffic to your site but you need to choose the right ones carefully for your SEO strategy. Fortunately, here is a list of the best SEO tools for 2019 compiled by SEO experts.


Woorank is regarded as a fantastic SEO audit tool and an instant SEO checker. It is definitely, an easy-to-use and simple web analysis tool for connecting and tracking all your marketing data.

As per Neil Patel, “At first glance, Woorank appears to be just another freemium website analyzer. Upon closer, inspection, however, it gives handy insights into some not-so-obvious stuff.”

Thanks to Woorank today, you could easily perform meticulous website analysis and generate an accurate report in just a matter of a few seconds.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console actually is referred to a brilliant collection of tools for assisting webmasters, website owners, SEO professionals, and web marketers to monitor meticulously website performance in specifically, the ‘Google Search Index’.

Some of the striking features would include information and important data about search traffic, search appearance, crawl data, technical status updates, and other educational resources.

Google Search Console was formerly called Google Webmaster Central. Thereafter, it was referred to as the Google Webmaster Tools but it took its current name way back in 2015.

The Google Search Console provides crucial information regarding your site at one glance and it is capable of evaluating your site’s overall performance and identifies potential issues for troubleshooting negative spammy links.

This brilliant suite of tools would be helping you in making your site more Google-friendly. Remember that the Google Search Console is being updated consistently and brand new cutting-edge features are very much on the way like the latest sitemaps report or the new URL inspection.

You may consult an SEO expert USA for professional assistance and prompt SEO guidance.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is supposed to be the most effective tool for checking the usability and speed of your website on multiple devices.

If you start by entering a URL, this effective tool would be testing both the precise loading time and the kind of performance for mobile and desktop and identifying opportunities for improvement.

In this context, we must know that the mobile outcomes are accompanied by the user experience score, font sizes, and tap targets.


SEMRush’s SEOQuake is regarded as an extremely popular toolbar extension. This tool has received a lot of appreciation and won a lot of accolades.

You can use this tool for viewing a host of search engine parameters in a jiffy and compare and properly save them with the results that have been gathered from some other projects.

Even though the numbers and icons shared by SEOQuake could be incomprehensible to the generally unaware user, however, skilled optimizers will be appreciating and acknowledging the invaluable wealth of detail offered by the tool.

You could now have easy access to the exact number of online visitors to your site and their country of origin, obtain a website’s comprehensive traffic history presented on a graph and certainly more.

The toolbar incorporates buttons for a website’s backlinks, Google index update, SEM Rush rankings, Bing index, Facebook likes, Alexa ranks, and web archive age etc.

You could also, come across a pretty useful cheat sheet and also, a diagnostics page for getting an overall idea of potential problems impacting a specific site or page.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google AdWords Keyword Planner is supposed to be the most effective and premier method of researching keywords.

It is important to identify the right set of keywords for your web content. This tool is quite easy-to-use and you simply need to plug your precise website URL straightaway into the box.

Then start to analyze all the suggested keywords. You must ensure that you are using those keywords strategically within your website content.

It is all about being descriptive since the keyword phrases generally, describe what you are offering. People are searching Google because they are looking for an answer to a specific question or they are looking for a solution for a particular problem.

Your website must be equipped to answer those questions and provide effective solutions to those problems and automatically, your website would be displayed in search results.


Ahrefs is certainly a powerful SEO tool available in the market. This robust SEO tool would be used for performing backlink audits.

It is essential to audit your already existing link profile while starting a brand new SEO campaign. Ahrefs would be providing you with the important data you require for making informed decisions regarding your link profile.

One important function of Ahrefs is to extract your competitors’ link opportunities. It also performs effective keyword research. Ahrefs now boasts of an effective site audit tool.

This tool would be boosting your overall technical SEO performance.


We have discussed some of the most helpful free SEO tools. Choose the right ones for your unique requirements.

However, if you are really serious about search engine optimization, you may have to consider investing in some superlative paid SEO tools for best results.

For carrying out a comprehensive SEO work, you may require an effective heat mapping tool such as Crazy Egg. You need to use sophisticated and paid tools for effective backlink analysis.

Moreover, you need to avail the services of efficient SEO rank trackers.

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