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Facebook JavaScript Engine Boosts React Native on Android

The coming of the Facebook JavaScript code Hermes engine can enhance startup time, minimize RAM utilization, and contribute to smaller application sizes. Currently, this engine is an opt-in element in React Native. Many Android devices have begun using the JavaScript code engine.

More Information About Facebook’s JavaScript Code Engine

Facebook designed a JavaScript code engine to enhance the activities of large Android applications. Mobile apps keep becoming large, and this can lead to problems. This is actually why most companies create lite versions that are smaller in size.

But now that there is a JavaScript code engine, app creators will be able to make their applications function better. The JavaScript code tool lowers the size of downloads, and it improves startup activity.

Facebook also tested performance data and found out that the JavaScript code engine was important for download sizes and the startup activity. With that information, they felt the need to optimize the way JavaScript code usually operates on mobile gadgets that are highly compressed.

JavaScript code engine helps in enhancing three major features listed below:

  • The TTI (the interacting time): this is the duration from launching the application to the moment it loads fully.
  • Download size.
  • Memory usage.

The Features of the Recent JavaScript Tool Created by Facebook

  • Steps will be taken on build time. There will be no parsing and combining JavaScript on-device when a user is waiting.
  • Ahead of time compilation enables better-enhanced optimizations. The same activities may be seen in a program and de-duplicated. They combine JavaScript code strings in a perfect stored manner, and there will be no runtime overhead.
  • The small size of the app will make it easy to install applications on gadgets which have less memory.
  • Bytecode might become mapped and then be loaded from flash memory increasingly as necessary.
  • Virtual address space is assigned in chunks any time it is needed. It avoids the need to know the size of the chunk and also lowers overhead.
  • Implementing the standards of JavaScript using JavaScript code engine targeting ECMAScript2015, which is also called ES6. Those JavaScript features that are not always applied in React Native apps were eliminated.

Apart from that, Android devices also open source for the integration of JavaScript code engine with React Native. This means that Android experts will immediately be able to use the JavaScript code engine.

How to Get the JavaScript Engine

JavaScript code

The JavaScript code engine can be downloaded from GitHub. Instructions on how to use it are on React Native website.

1. React

It is crucial to note that the JavaScript code engine is only meant for Android apps, which are created with React Native. React Native is an application structure designed by Facebook.

The major selling point of that structure is that codes move in a manner that is native on many platforms.

However, React Native has some disadvantages, which makes most people dislike it. For example, no deposit slots applications and other Android applications activities require native code.

This is mostly when they have to back up the integration between a camera and a sensor. Besides that, Android experts often have to form bridges so that they can plug the spaces between the design and native code.

This was actually the same reason why Airbnb decided to stop using it.

But the new JavaScript code engine may be a way of bringing more life to React Native and make more people accept it.

And since it only focuses on applications, Facebook mentioned that they do not intend to integrate it with other search engines or servers.


JavaScript code engine project is one of the many which Facebook Company is working on. Other projects include launching memory and time analyzing methods, Pythia, which is a framework for deep learning, DLRM — a model for deep learning, and Spectrum.

Spectrum is a Facebook creation meant to make the process of uploading pictures more efficient. Test JavaScript code engine and see how it works. You are also welcome to share your experience with us. And if you have a question, feel free to ask.

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