Get the Attention of Your Customers with the Help of Your Website!

Do you know that a user takes only 0.05 seconds to decide whether they want to stay on the website or not? Shocking, isn’t it?

So if you fail to get their attention in this time span, you might lose on a potential customer. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can easily convert a user into a buyer. Approximately 38% of the users say that they leave the website if it is not designed correctly.

In simple terms, from clicking on your site to actually make a purchase, there are several chances that the user might leave the site. But what is the reason behind this? The answer is “web design.”

The design of your business site makes that first impression on every person. In fact, whether or not your site is credible is also dependent on the design of the site. That’s why you need to improvise the web design and make it more user-friendly.

But how?

Don’t worry! We have got your back! We’ve collected a few tips for you to make your site look attractive and user-friendly. To know what these tips are, keep on scrolling!

Use images and provide quality content. 

A website is a collection of several web pages. And the first page is the homepage that the user will see. That’s why you should make it look attractive by providing quality information and high-quality pictures. Think about what a user would like to know about your company and provide the relevant information. Having a call to action button on the homepage is a must. Along with that, include a search bar so that the user gets what he/she needs without wasting time.

Go for minimal design. 

“Simplicity is superior,” keep this mantra in your mind. You need to keep the overall design of the site minimal. Don’t go overboard by providing everything on the homepage. Make separate tabs for the other information. Nonetheless, make sure that it is easy to navigate and doesn’t confuse the visitor.

Don’t add irrelevant banners, widgets, tabs on the homepage. It will only distract the visitor and will put your efforts to drain. In fact, the experts at suggest designing the site for mobile devices for a seamless user experience. Because almost all the people are using mobile platforms, so if your site is not designed for mobile, you’ll lose lots of visitors.

Provide the feature of live chat 

Communication plays a vital role in every business. You must talk with your visitors to help them out. Usually, when a person visits your store, you can personally attend to them and ask for what they need. Well, you can do a similar thing for the users who are visiting your site. How? Well, you can provide the live chat feature, where they can directly ask you questions. It is a great way to serve your customers.

To sum it all up! 

All these elements will help in making your website user-friendly. And a user-friendly site will definitely attract more visitors. More visitors mean that your online presence will increase, ultimately benefiting your business.

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