Top 3 Converters For Convert XML to PDF

The XML format is widely used to store and organize the data. It also provides structure to the data making it easier to understand, store, and transport. However, XML files are encoded in plain text, and that’s why both machines and humans can easily read them.

Therefore, to protect any unintended changes in XML codes, people prefer to convert their XML documents into PDF files, i.e., read-only format. 

Here are the top 3 converters you can use for this purpose.




Since several people are looking for an all-in-one solution to convert their documents from and into different formats, 2pdf has become a successful name on the internet. There is no need to search anymore if you know about this software and how it converts XML to PDF. You can get various things done with this one single tool provided with accurate results at high speed.

The need to convert XML files into PDF increases every day as a preventive measure against accidental changes to the codes. In this situation, 2pdf seems no less than a problem-solving tool to quickly convert XML files to PDF without creating any mess. While using 2pdf, one is rest assured about the protection of his data. Moreover, 2pdf does not keep your documents longer than 24 hours of upload. Therefore, it is regarded as safe to use. 

Besides that, this tool employs a very simple method of conversion. You can drag and drop your desired file from any folder it is saved, sometimes edit it before conversion, and select your options for the conversion. Then finally, click the button to start conversion and get your file converted within a few seconds to minutes depending upon the file size. 


Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter


Weeny Converter is a free online tool that can convert both HTML and XML documents into PDF. This tool also comes in handy when one has multiple documents to convert from XML to PDF. It means the facility of batch conversion is also available here and is free of cost. 

It is an efficient conversion software for XML documents. It is a comprehensive online free tool that also supports conversion of TXT files to PDF format. Furthermore, it can convert a website or a webpage with the help of the website’s URL. However, the speed of conversion for web pages is slightly slower than XML to PDF conversions. 

To use Weeny Converter, you don’t need to purchase or download the software. Instead, everything can be done over a PC, laptop, or mobile phone with a strong internet connection.

Here the process is:

First, click on the ‘add files’ option to access the file you are looking forward to converting 

Secondly, click on the ‘convert now’ button to initiate conversion

Finally, you will get your converted PDF file. 




Want a more convenient yet efficient tool to convert XML to PDF? Here you go! FreeFileConvert is an ideal tool to meet your needs for free online conversion. It allows the conversion of XML documents into PDF format at incredible speed with excellent results. Just like the above two software, FreeFileConvert is available online without any need for downloading the software. Besides XML, it can convert other documents into PDF format as well.

Moreover, it can provide various output formats, including audio, video, image, vector, archive, etc. It also allows you to use editing options to some extent. Overall, it’s a valuable tool to convert XML to PDF for everyone.

Final Words

If you consider using any of the above-mentioned free tools, it would be easier for you to convert XML documents into PDF format without any worries.

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