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8 Creative Ideas for Using Free Branded Links

If your company is serious about building trust with your audience, you must use every tool. Branded links are one of those tools.

A branded short link is a simple way to increase your reach and make people more comfortable clicking a link from a familiar brand.

  1. Use a T-shirt

Whether you’re an influencer or a small business, branded links can help your brand stand out. They help seamlessly transition from your social media profile to your opt-in form or sales page and can convert more followers into paying customers.

Ensure your branded links are recognizable by sharing them with a unique Flodesk handle and custom-shortened URL.

  1. Use a Lanyard

A lanyard is an easy way to give every member of your team or organization a personalized link that you can track. These branded links collect click data that can help you analyze the performance of your SMS campaigns and improve your response rates.

Want to grow your audience and conversions? Get started with a free Flodesk handle, branded links in your bio, full-page forms, and checkouts.

  1. Use a Business Card

Branded links are an effective tool for sharing content, promoting products and services, and increasing engagement. They are also trackable and can increase the deliverability of emails and SMS.

Actors can use branded links to drive people to their online CVs (resumes). This helps them stand out from other actors and build trust with potential employers. They are also a great way to promote their film and videos.

  1. Use a Poster

Branded links like etsy seller are a great way to increase your brand’s visibility online. They help differentiate you from the competition by associating your brand with shared content.

Bitly offers a free account to brand up to 1,000 monthly links, perfect for individuals and small businesses. Our Growth plan is also ideal for larger organizations that want to track and analyze their links.

  1. Use a Sticky Note

Sticky notes are a staple of the modern office. They are a great way to keep track of ideas and reminders. They are also a valuable tool for human-centered design.

Easily tag sticky notes to organize them and make them easier to find. You can also see who created a particular sticky by looking at its author label.

Elevate your Link in bio, Full Page Form, and Checkout links with branded short links. Get started for free.

  1. Use a Poster Sticky Note

A poster is great for seeing your message in an ample space. Make sure your poster has a clear call to action. This can be a link to your website, social media page, or an opt-in form.

Try using different icons in your poster design, but always use consistent styles (line thickness, flat or illustrated) and plenty of white space to keep your posters from looking too cluttered.

  1. Use a Poster Sticky Note

Using branded links is a great way to build brand recognition. It leaves no doubt about who has shared the content and helps people associate the brand with quality information. It also saves time and money by avoiding needing a new print run whenever promotions or other content change. A free branded link can be created with any domain name, making it ideal for small to enterprise businesses.

  1. Use a Poster Sticky Note

Filmmakers, actors, musicians, and other creatives often use branded links to promote their work on social media. Branded links are shortened URLs that feature a business name or logo. They can also be tracked using Rebrandly so businesses can see how well their branded link campaigns perform. This is particularly useful for promoting films and other events. Click here to learn more about Rebrandly.

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