5 of The Most Amazing Advancements in Tech 2022

With the world of tech showing no sign of slowing down any time soon, it can be easy to get caught up in it all, and to miss the really amazing advancements that are being created for you to use. Most people are too concerned with which phone, or which computer to buy that the real groundbreakers don’t get a look in, but they must be acknowledged, at the very least.

Headphones that can translate for you

Would you have believed it? You can get a translation in near-real time, straight to your ears with translation headphones! These amazing headphones are used to translate multiple languages into whichever language you have selected. They are so smart that it is easy to see them taking the place of translators, translation software, and even dictionaries, in the future. This technology has the potential to be used in almost any environment, just consider the possibilities, they can be used for work purposes, for study purposes, or for travel and tourism industries.

Interfaces between the mind and the computer

Imagine that, well you don’t need to now, really. There is a company called Neuralink who are exploring the endless opportunities available with physical tech implants that will allow doctors and other qualified specialists to restore patients’ sensory and motor function after some kind of accident, or disaster which might cause neurological illness. You’d most definitely need to make a call to IT support for help with that one! In the future, this technology could also be applied, by choice, to consumers’ brains in order to increase and expand the human mind’s memory, and possibly even its intellect.

Google Glass (Glasses)

Now these really are cool, although you might need to be careful what you look at! The Google Glass, Glasses work much like the google scanner feature on your mobile phone, whereby you can scan an image with your phone’s camera, and it will display all kinds of information about the item, or product for you to look at. The great thing is you wouldn’t even need your mobile phone, and these things take data analytics to the next level! All you’d need is your glasses and an Internet connection, and you’re up and running, whatever will there be next? X Ray specs?

3D Model Body Scanners

You’ll have most likely seen these types of scanners in places like airports, where you have to walk through as the security scanner scans to check that you haven’t got anything on you that you shouldn’t have. Well, now some of the biggest retailers in the world are using this kind of tech so that you can ‘almost’ try on your clothes before you buy. You can make sure that the clothes you are going to buy will fit you, or that you like the look of them, on you before you even make a purchase, how cool is that?

Take a moment to appreciate where you are

Most people simply don’t have the time to take a step back and to fully appreciate where they are in terms of history, or never thought to do so. Well, if you’re reading this article then today could be a good day to start. Everybody has one minute, and that’s all it takes. Consider what tech was available when you were a child and what is available today, it’s quite breathtaking, when you stop to think about it.

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