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Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Trends you Might be Missing Upon!

The digital marketing landscape is witnessing a rapid change. Just a decade ago, marketers poured their heart and soul into reaching an audience through Facebook- organically. But, the platform soon lost efficacy because their paid advertising technologies got pretty clear.

However, with the advent of modern technologies, marketing efforts shifted to newer social media platforms like Snapchat and Periscope. But, these channels too saw early replacement by more prosperous channels like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live.

Expert marketers believe that finding the right digital marketing plan for yourself is vital- all thanks to rapid changes. And, why not? It is the essence of leading more brand awareness, leads, sales, and traffic. With that said, there are many other emerging technologies that most businesses are not reaping the benefits of. The reason- marketers do not want to take a chance on these unproven digital channels. But, if you’re a budding business organization, you indeed wish to “ride the wave” and experiment with the marketing trends you might be ignoring upon until now:

Email Marketing:

You may want to say that email marketing isn’t a new tool. Well, that’s very rightly said, as it is one of the original methods for businesses to reach potential customers through an online medium.

However, email marketing had lost its charm with the introduction of social media marketing. Marketers stood in awe, believing why email people when you can directly message them on Facebook or Twitter. But, that wasn’t the case for everyone, as two microtrends illustrate upon email’s surprising return. These are:

  1. The entrance of newer email service providers.
  2. The tremendous growth in paid newsletter space.

Thus, email marketing is a not to ignore trend since people look out for newsletters from people who create the best content. Yes, this can be related to pop culture, fitness, online marketing, and business. And, you know what the best part is- people are willing to pay for these.

The Extensive Automation in Pay Per Click Marketing:

The software that comes in use for running PPC campaigns isn’t new at all. In fact, with the evolution of Google Ads, software programs got to the field for helping marketers optimize their campaigns.

With the advancement of newer technologies, monotonous PPC tasks have become a thing of the past. Yes, it’s manual bid optimization that you’re reading about.

It is because the ad platforms now offer in-house automation tools. Thereby, when you hire a Digital Ad Agency, the experts help you manage Google Ads Campaigns. The professionals devise technologies and techniques like Smart Bidding. Know that marketers today use Facebook’s Dynamic Creative to test thousands of ad variations at a fast pace. Well, modern technology it is!

Video is the default medium:

A study by YouTube reports that internet users today watch 1 billion hours of videos in one day. The number is staggering, especially when you see YouTube as one of the many video-supported digital marketing channels.

Yes, you heard that right!

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit all support video content. Also, many other platforms are transitioning to become “video-first” social media platforms. Marketers enlighten themselves of the essential skills required for creating engaging videos. These may relate to planning, lighting, scripting, and graphics. Believe when marketers anticipate video content to have a leg over text-based blog posts.

The Verdict

Influencer marketing and chatbots are some other trends marketers ignore in today’s time; however, with the advent of newer technology, many trends are likely to come up while others will fade.

It is vital for anyone in digital marketing to know that change is an integral part of the job. All marketers have to look ahead and strive to embrace newer technologies, strategies, and tools to gain an edge over their competitors.

After all, it’s about making the most of the digital era!

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