Win Your Yorick League of Legends Games by Split Pushing

League of Legends game features many exciting champions. Yorick is one of them. He is a melee bruiser. This LoL champion does not possess any dashes or CC. LoL pros believe this champion has quite a low potential on teamfights. Players still keep it to secure objectives, including First tower, early plates, herald, Drakes, and Baron.

He can be great with Demolish, but players are not a huge fan of his Split Push ability. It is not as great as Camille, but still a vicious champion. Many people have no idea about countering Yorick. They do not know how to dodge Yorick’s E, how to hit his ghouls and W. That’s what offers you an opportunity to win the game by using these skills.

Be familiar with Yorick’s abilities:

Yorick possesses the following abilities:


P: Shepherd of Souls:


This champion can own four Mist Walkers. Whenever a minion or neutral monster dies near him, a grave is created. There will be graves around him if he kills the enemies. His ghouls can proc black cleaver passive during the fight. It cannot proc frozen mallet and the champion would heal only 33%. Beware of that to avoid the defeat.


Q: Last Rites and Awakening:


This attack also causes further damage to the enemy and boosts Yorick’s health. You get double healing if your champion’s health is below 50%. You will form a grave if you kill an enemy by using the Last Rites.


E: Mourning Mist:


Whenever you want to cause magic damage, use the Mourning Mist. It is a globule weapon that will mark the target. You will earn a movement bonus if you continue marching towards the marked target. Consider it an essential weapon if you want to cause insane damage with your Ult and passive.


W: Dark Procession:


Yorick has a unique ability to summon a deadly wall of corpses. It will encircle the target for the next few seconds. Wall can last much longer if it summoned with spells. Do not let your enemy walk 90° from the wall if you want to get it under the summoned wall. Your enemy will dodge it if he uses boost. So, be fast and active when using the Dark Procession.


R: Eulogy of Isles:


Yorick can call the Maiden of the Mist and she will bring Mist Walkers with her. She is a deadly weapon because she can attack and exterminate the enemies automatically. Suppose the Maiden is attacking the enemies and Yorick causes further damage, it will get only two seconds.

You should keep Yorick’s Ult alive if you want to experience high cooldown. He gets 4/3 champions power when the Ult is summoned, but only 2/3 champion’s power if you didn’t keep the Ult alive.


Split and push:


Splitpushing is the key tactic Yorick applies to get better of his enemies. He is not a reliable champion for teamfights, but that does not mean he is a simple target. An experienced player would always go on one side of the lane to counter Yorick’s Split and Push ability.

Keep your enemy at the center to cause a double attack. You will not get any chance of defeating a good enemy if you split and caught on one side of the lane. Yorick is not quite effective in 1V1 battle when he is splitting and pushing.


All the League of Legends champions possess mysterious powers. Even expert LoL players face troubles when countering Yorick. Master his unique skills and use his abilities flawlessly to defeat the deadliest champions and win the League of Legends game.

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