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How to Grow Sales with Customized CRM Tools and Software

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy that provides you a track of your customer and workflow. It’s a system to manage a company’s relationship with potential customers.

Companies stay connected to the customers and improve profitability and streamline processes by using CRM. It is nothing but a tool that is used for sales management, productivity, contact management and more. Improve business relationships is a goal of CRM.

When many streams of data come from marketers, customer service staff, sales team and social media monitoring you can get a clear overview of your customer’s all information in one place.

This can be achieved by using a customizable and simple dashboard that provides you with customer’s status, previous history, and outstanding customer service issues and more.

Verbalize or discussion about the CRM

When people talk about the CRM they mean any of three types of CRM. Those are:

  • CRM as technology: this is a technology like a cloud which people use to interact between organization and users. It is also called the CRM system.
  • CRM as strategy: this is the guideline on how relations with potential customers should be maintained.
  • CRM as a process: it’s a system that organizations adapt to manage the relationship with customers.

Nowadays CRM solutions

Due to web-based interfaces, the most popular CRM solutions are cloud-based. It allows the sales team to access their customer and lead information from any device at a time of the day from any location.

This software as a service (SaaS) is more user- friendly than old application and it can help to make organizations better business decisions and enhanced service and support of their customer.

Reason for build customized CRM

Many software like Oracle and SAP offer enterprise systems but they have major problems like pouring lots of money in complicated CRM packages. There is a need to create effective and lightweight customized CRM that permits you to build CRM from incising in a short time at a fraction of the cost.

Reasons are:

  • Customized CRM system for your needs: In most of the cases, an organization uses pre-built CRM solutions. But the fact is that all features and functions may not be relevant for a particular business. Systems are the most expensive and complicated due to having some extra features also. During the generation of leads and contact management, activities of the sales department in the CRM system become clunker. The entire process takes more time for people to learn system functions and the distraction of sales productivity. Using customized CRM, people get exactly what they want without any unnecessary errors.
  • Better assimilation with business operations: Build up customized- CRM instead of taking by used no-code platform like Caspio, where you have opportunities to mechanized other business platforms. Your daily operation from sales to technical assurance will able to run more effectively when the system is unsegregated across many departments.
  • Despotic pricing: An enterprise era concept is most CRM are priced per user. Today the model doesn’t match the fact where different groups of salespeople in an organization require to log in to CRM occasionally. Due to per-user pricing, you are restricted to access and have the limit to using data. By using a new custom- CRM, you have full control over the number of employees who are included at free charges.
  • Suitable apps for many departments: New custom based CRM is the most important role in the process throughout business organizations. Departments are accredited to create apps which are based on the same dashboard.

Creating your CRM as an aggressive weapon

Making customized-CRM to run your business is a very daunting task indeed. There are a lot of features that are not even required. At the end of the operation, you share the multi-talented data model to the customers and you augment your workflows to match which is desired in a CRM system.

It should be needed that you make your CRM system as a competitive weapon in this market.

  • Custom data model: A data model shows how your business data is stored, structured and accessed. Vendors or software have many multitalented databases in the CRM system which means it is normalized by the vendor and their potential customer using the same. To take all advantage of the CRM database, the vendor makes the data table easy and they add new features like the spreadsheet and designs for a specific business.
  • To custom workflows: Workflow or “best-of-breed” means a sequence of connected steps you use to get your work done. If your custom or make unique your CRM to match your workflows you save your time in your work.
  • Automation: It defines the steps where workflow or the work process will go automatically. It is based on feedback that the vendor receives from his users. It is also a time-saving process. There is no need to click or press any button.
  • User-friendly: When vendors set up the screen layout, the navigation, quick-links in the CRM system you can expect to be easy to use. It has also a more effective role in the business operations.
  • Killer systematic: CRM vendors have prescribed portfolio reports with dashboard and flashy graphics. It should be customized with more transactional data to bring the success of the business operations.

Customized CRM – grow sales: inter-related issue

Getting a positive result in the competitive market, many organizations holds advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

They help to create a strong relationship with a current, prospective and former customer. A full-featured CRM system helps to cover all customer’s demand and desired touch-points and provide all features and functions to support the business needs.

It has an effective role in leads to repeat purchases, customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and positive word of mouth.


Customers are playing a very important role in the business. There is no matter what kind of product you offer or your industry or your services or your valuable asset, only the customer gives you a direction for your company.

Customer Relationship Management maintains the data where customer satisfaction, and their desired demands and their feedbacks are featured and it helps to bring the success of the company.

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