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5 Ways Sports And Fitness Brands Are Using Digital Marketing In 2020

Ever since digital marketing first burst on to the scene, it was considered a natural fit for the sporting and activity-related businesses and industries. In other words, the dynamism and radical nature of the world of sports, fitness, health and activity perfectly aligned with digital.

We all know how sportsmen, clubs and equipment manufacturers are now investing heavily in digital marketing. They do this primarily because of the following reasons:

  1. It helps them keep their audiences aware and engaged in whatever is happening.
  2. Builds credibility with sponsors, advertisers and other financial stakeholders
  3. Improves their exposure to new audiences, who may or may not be aware of them
  4. Increases engagement, relationship building and fosters aspirations
  5. Contributes to brand building, sales and revenues

In short, digital marketing in this industry is highly beneficial if done in the right fashion. In this article, we are going to look at five ways, sports and activity brands are using digital marketing in 2020.

5 Ways Sports and Fitness Brands are using Digital Marketing in 2020

1. Social Media

We all see how the top sportsmen post three to five times a day on their preferred social media platforms. In fact, every post they do enables them to earn thousands of dollars. Brands do the same and announce new launches, collaborations and limited editions.

Engaging with the right Creative Agency for executing day-to-day social media is something, which 9 out of 10 individuals and brands in the industry do. Using the latest features, best practices and behind-the-scenes footage enables them to stay fresh and relevant.

2. SEO

According to one of the world’s foremost swimming brand, Swimhub, long term investments in SEO are always a sound digital marketing strategy. They point out that up and coming brands in the industry should focus on getting traction on search engines from SEO.

They also point out that if you compare the leads, sales and revenues between social media and search engine traffic, the latter will always emerge on top. This is why major brands continue to work on their SEO under the radar.

3. Interactive Live Sessions

The digital is all about being real and not scripted. The rise of live sessions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic has been very beneficial. Brands, sports celebrities and academies have opted for live sessions to connect with their audiences.

For example, during the pandemic, gyms and fitness centers were shut down in different parts of the world. Many trainers and fitness experts started offering online classes to their students. This helped many people and brands continue raising revenues from digital live sessions.

4. Blogging

The rise of blogging shows that even billion-dollar corporations cannot afford to ignore the gains from Inbound Marketing. Most clubs, players and academies now invest in their own website blogs. This is both text-based contents, as well as video content.

Blogging has opened up a new channel for improving digital presence and gaining exposure. The digital teams of clubs and players take blogging very seriously. This is why many platers write extensively as well as give video testimonials and interviews on club websites.

5. Reputation and Brand Management

While the digital has thrown up several advantages, it has also led to the creation of many challenges. For example, we live in an era of Information Technology, where everyone has access to a smartphone and internet connectivity.

Any wrong action of a player or a club can cost the same millions of dollars in revenues. This is why reputation management is emerging as a top digital marketing strategy in the industry. Brands use complex CRM tools, integrate them with AI and ML for the best results.

The Final Word

Digital Marketing is slowly emerging as a specialized field for the sports and fitness industry. With more and more individuals, brands and academies investing in SEO, social media and blogging, connecting with the audiences is hitting an all-time high.

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