Use These 4 Productivity Apps To Get More Done In Less Time

Would you like to become more productive? Using productivity tools is an effective way to accomplish your goal.

Think about how often you’ve become frustrated because you can’t recover a password or find yourself typing the same phrase over and over.

If you use the right productivity apps to streamline your work activities, then you’ll get more done in a shorter amount of time. Let’s explore four tools that will make your life easier.

4 Productivity Apps To Get More Done In Less Time

Task Manager

A task manager helps you stay organized. You’ll benefit from this tool if you currently keep track of important tasks by using sticky notes or scribbling randomly in a notebook.

It’s easy to see things fall through the cracks when using this type of haphazard method to keep track of:

  • Large work projects
  • Personal errands
  • Small tasks
  • Non-urgent future plans

Keep track of it all with task manager apps such as Wunderlist, Todoist, or Think of these apps as digital to-do lists. You can keep it simple by simply checking off tasks as they’re completed. You can also use fancier color-coded categories or due date reminders.

The result is a more productive workday. You’ll never forget to complete any project asked of you, whether your boss wants you to compare the best project management software or write up a new report.

Text Expansion

How many times have you become frustrated because you’re writing the same phrase over and over each day? Use text expansion software to create abbreviations that represent your tedious phrases and sentences.

For example, you might create a “tsm” abbreviation to represent “Thanks so much” that you end all emails with. Using your text expansion app, you simply enter “tsm” and your email sign off magically appears for you.

Examples of text expanders:

  • Canned Responses, from Gmail
  • Breevy or PhraseExpress (Windows)
  • TextExpander (Mac)

Browser Extensions

A browser extension is an app that attaches to your Internet browser. These little pieces of software make your life easier by:

  • Copying text
  • Taking screenshots
  • Handling multiple open tabs
  • Printing documents

Do you need to share passwords across multiple employees? Try the LastPass browser extension. Use Save to Pocket to save articles you don’t have time to read immediately. Gmail’s Boomerang allows you to set up automatic follow-up reminders after sending emails.

Password Manager

Don’t risk digital security by getting lazy with your passwords. It’s easy to use “12345”, “mypassword” or your child’s name as passwords on important accounts. However, you’re opening yourself up to getting your accounts hacked.

The more effective way to manage your passwords is to create tough-to-crack options and then use a password manager to keep track of it all. A password manager stores your hard-to-remember passwords.

You simply enter a master password whenever you need to log in, and the password manager fills in the correct password for you.

Use these productivity apps and watch your life become easier.

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