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Picking the Best Law Firm SEO Company near Chicago, IL

Search engine optimization is a topic that many companies need assistance with. Instead of building an in-house team, they decide to work with an agency. However, choosing a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

There are hundreds of companies competing in a small market. As a company owner who wants to reach the top spot of Google, get quality visitors, more traffic, and ultimately more sales, how do you pick the best one?

Before you get to the picking part, you need to focus on your objectives and the preferred outcome. What is the main goal you want to accomplish? Is it ranking higher, or do you simply want more sales? If that’s the case, then it’s better to focus on ads instead of spending months trying to adhere to Google’s algorithm changes.

However, if you want a steady flow of organic customers that get persuaded by your content, then SEO is the right choice.

Chicago SEO Scholar

Chicago SEO Scholar is a reliable digital marketing agency that focuses on providing a wide range of services that improve online exposure and increase traffic. As part of their full range of services, they offer SEO Audits, which check the current state of a website’s SEO and give useful tips for making it better.

They also work on Local SEO to make sure that businesses show up high in local search results. Chicago SEO Scholar does more than just SEO. They also offer social media marketing services to keep people interested and build brand trust.

Additionally, they know how to run Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, which can help you get found right away on search engines. They also offer Web Design Services to make sure that companies have a professional and easy-to-use online presence. Their all-around approach is meant to bring in more visitors, get more leads, and eventually help businesses in Chicago and beyond grow. You can find more info on:

Chicago SEO Scholar

55 E Monroe St Suite 3800 Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 529-8226

There are a few qualities that distinguish the best search engine optimization agencies, and here are the ones you need to look for.

They’re a team of specialists, not generalists

If all an SEO agency has are blogs and article writers, it’s not a good agency. They need to have a technical specialist, an editor, and work with them in-house or on a freelance basis. Many SEO businesses make an excessive amount of claims without demonstrating the staff necessary to fulfill those promises.

Some companies are just getting started and don’t have a big enough workforce. Others outsource their efforts to bigger SEO companies, and you’ve got no idea what’s happening. You can go to to read more. There will be misunderstandings in terms of communicating, and you will not get the results you hoped for.

Great companies love bragging about their team. They will start complimenting their strategic leaders, professionals, editors, and writers, and what each has done before they started working with them.

They have a verifiable portfolio

An SEO agency without a portfolio is like a doctor without a degree. It doesn’t amount to much. The portfolio is the place where you can get an idea of the caliber of work you can expect. A strong portfolio means they take pride in their work, and they can demonstrate it. Visit this page for additional info.

Do a few Google searches on the companies they’ve worked with and see if they come on top for a few keywords. Check the blog section of each portfolio entry, and read the curated content. If you like what you see, and if it ranks high, then it’s a good agency. Use Semrush or Ahrefs to check how many keywords they rank for, and whether they have loads of backlinks.

SEO agencies usually pick a niche and stick to it for a while before they move on to another one. If the portfolio is filled with companies and partners from wildly different topics, it’s probably a new company trying to make their way online. Basically, you can expect more or less the same results for you, as they completed for their previous clients.

Look for feedback

Who doesn’t like talking about a service that went over and beyond when it comes to delivering expectations? We all do. Therefore, if there are any reviews from people or companies about the agency you want to work with, read them through and through.

It’s quite challenging to develop a successful SEO plan and execute it without making a mistake. Guiding an entire team to do it is a feat in and of itself. The tactics they use must adhere to Google’s standards, and show the results.

When an SEO company puts in the effort and gets the results, clients are loud and clear that they want to work with them again. If you see loads of reliable, real-life testimonials from satisfied customers, that’s a good sign of a reputable agency.

What are some red flags to look out for? 

Up until now, all we talked about are the things to pursue, but what about red flags? You can notice when someone is an amateur in a few meetings, and here are some things to look out for.

The first one is guaranteed rankings. If an agency guarantees that you will rank higher in a specific time range, it’s a red flag. SEO takes time, usually about six months or so. In the meantime, Google can adjust the algorithm, and the positions can change. When an agency uses guarantees, they’re probably using black hat methods, which can ruin your reputation online.

Secondly, there’s quantity of backlinks instead of quality. A single backlink from a page like the New York Times is worth more than a thousand links from bot websites. There are hundreds of link farms that can artificially boost your rankings, and that will lead to a Google penalty.

Third comes low prices. If the price of working with an SEO company is suspiciously low, they’re either beginners, or they use bad strategies to get short term results. Don’t let pricing influence your decision.

Last but not least, there’s the absence of a portfolio or client reviews. If they’ve never done SEO, how can you trust them completely? Look out for these red flags, and make the correct choice.

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