iphone 12 pro max Should You Upgrade or Not

iPhone 12 Pro Max Overview

iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most powerful device on the iPhone 12 series. The whole line-up includes the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and our protagonist of the day is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone was released on November 13th, 2020 and it was pleasantly welcomed by Apple’s most keen users.

This Apple phone packs a punch, with awesome camera quality for picture and video taking. The processor is definitely the strongest in their phones to this day and more powerful than its 12 series siblings.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Details


The iPhone 12 Pro Max looks very sleek and elegant. There are four available color options: Pacific Blue, Silver, Gold, and Graphite. This iPhone was built to last with its stainless steel design. The phone has been completed with a ceramic shield front and a matte glass on the back. It is very sturdy, and scratch-resistant, a great improvement from its predecessors.

The device weighs only 226 grams, for its big size. The screen has a 160,8mm height and 78,1 mm width. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, though sizable, can be held comfortably in your hands.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a Super Retina XDR Display, the same as its lower-tier iPhone 12 Pro. The full screen sports an OLED display and it is 6,7 inches diagonally. Even when the actual viewable area is less, the device is still big and comfortable to look at. The phone has an amazing resolution at 458 dpi, 2778-by-1248 pixels.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera takes phenomenal photos and includes great features. The main camera’s picture quality is 12 MP, outstanding and professional level. The Pro Max has up to 5x zoom range, the best of the whole line-up.

The Night Mode LiDAR scanner is a new feature in Apple technologies. The LiDAR scanner adds a multi-dimensional structure to whatever you take pictures of. It is great for designers and artists.

The 4K video quality output, it’s the cherry on top of the cake. Even the selfie camera is top of the line. The features are simply too many, but we can assure you they are comparable with some serious professional photography cameras.

Overall, this camera is the best in the whole iPhone and a great accessory to show off your best look on social media, your friends, and your family.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max used the A14 Bionic Chip, the latest in the iPhone models. It also comes with the next-generation Neural Engine included. The A14 chip features 40% more transistors than its predecessor. The reason it also shows a much better performance than the iPhone 11 by over 1000 points in test scores.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max share the same hardware, that is why it is no surprise that both devices score the same in their performance tests. They scored in the Geekbench benchmark single-core test 1592 and 4211 in the multi-core.

The difference in performance score comes in with the iPhone 12 Mini. The device scores 1587 and 4203 in their single and multi-score respectively. It may not look like a big difference, but in hardware, language it could be a world apart.

Should you upgrade to an iPhone 12 Pro Max?

First of all, let’s leave it out there, the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is fantastic. The camera quality is phenomenal, professional quality, The 4k video with extra perks like image stabilization, and night mode time-lapse are very attractive for those who post on social media often.

The new A14 chip produces great performance, above all the previous iPhones line up. However, is it worth the upgrade? The answer is yes, but with a catch. If you are the proud owner of a previous iPhone model, upgrading to the iPhone 12 is a great idea. We would, however, recommend the iPhone 12 Pro. The main difference between both devices is the screen size and resolution. The Pro Max is bigger, therefore producing a higher image quality. If you are okay with the already big screen size, then the iPhone 12 Pro is the best choice. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, on the other hand, is the best upgrade for the ones who need to use their screen often, for many tasks, like editing or drawing. You are the one who can decide if the $100 difference is worth it.

Best way to upgrade

The option of buying the iPhone 12 Pro from the Apple store or one of their retailers is valid, but there are better ways to save money. The phone is expensive at $1099, that is why there are two work workarounds.

The first approach is to literally upgrade your current iPhone by doing a trade-in. Apple allows you to give an eligible iPhone in exchange for a discounted iPhone 12 Pro Max. Some carriers also have similar deals, in some, you can buy into their plans, and get the device for free or pay very little money.

The second method is to hop on a carrier deal. They will ask you to sign a contract with them to subscribe to their wireless network plan and you will be eligible for a monthly payment plan. Are you scared of getting stuck with a carrier-locked iPhone? Fear not. There is a great way to get the best of both deals.

Once you buy a carrier-locked phone, you get to enjoy the amazing deals offered by the wireless network provider. And if you use a website iPhone unlocked, you get to enjoy the network freedom as well. There are many websites that offer IMEI unlocking, we have used securely iPhone IMEI unlocker, but feel free to explore any other options.

How does unlocking work?

If you’re curious how the unlocking process works, we must tell you is a simple and straightforward service. Reliable websites such as iPhone IMEI unlocker will require only your IMEI number. This 15-digit unique number will be used to whitelist your device on the manufacturers’ database. Once you receive the confirmation email, you just need to go online, and voila you have a free iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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