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How Long Do Home Security Cameras Keep Footage?

Most home security camera owners end up with one common question: how long do home security cameras keep footage. The answer is not that simple because it depends on several factors, including cameras and recording space. Regardless of how many cameras you have, the surveillance footage is stored for a certain period of time.

Different sectors and industries keep their surveillance footage for different periods. No matter where and why you use CCTV cameras, most cameras store footage for 30 to 90 days. However, the footage storing duration can be extended and reduced in different ways. Let us explore this topic in detail, and you can learn more about it by following the context.

Why Should You Keep Your Security Cameras Footage?

Nowadays, we use several surveillance apps to monitor security cameras remotely. There are many quality surveillance apps available, and ivms 4500 is the most popular one among them. ivms 4500 is specially made for mobile platforms like android and IOS, although You can easily use ivms 4500 for mac to access live video footage.

Along with remote access to live videos, sometimes it’s also essential to store the live footage. Saving security camera footage for a sufficient period of time is crucial for the security of your home and other places so if you want to make it more clear it is easy for you to do it.. It is very important to save CCTV cam-footage because the video storing method will let you monitor or examine things twice. Moreover, CCTV footage can provide valuable information about the incident and help identify and apprehend the culprit.

Where Is the Security Camera Footage Stored?

Security camera footage was stored on DVD or VHS tape. In the modern age, surveillance camera footage is stored in different modern ways. Nowadays, several options are available to store surveillance video clips. Moreover, it is difficult to show a specific storage system when different cams use different storage methods. Most of today’s security camera systems use several methods to store video, here are some of them.

  • Servers
  • Hard Drives
  • SD Cards
  • Cloud Storage

How Much Storage Do Security Cameras Have?

How much storage a security camera has, depends on a number of factors. Here are some facts that play a big role in security camera storage systems – what type of storage method you’re using, what surveillance app you’re using, and how many cameras you have.

Nowadays, most security cameras come with built-in memory with different amounts of footage storing sizes. Most of the CCTV cams also offer an onboard storage system that allows storing video in a MicroSD card. In general, 60GB to 240GB is the common storage level of most surveillance apps.

How Long Do Home Security Cameras Keep Footage?

Home security cameras can provide information to help identify the culprit. Therefore, it’s essential to save the CCTV footage for future inspection. If you are wondering how long surveillance camera footage can be kept, it depends on several factors. Here are some factors that are completely attached with the security footage keeping system-

  • Resolution
  • Number of Cameras
  • Amount of Storage Space
  • Compression
  • Bitrate

In general, most of the security cameras keep the footage for 30 days to 90 days. However, you can store or keep the footage of the security camera for longer by using additional tools like hard drives, SD cards, cloud storage, and many more.

Can You Keep Home Security Cameras Footage for Long?

If you want to keep your home security cameras footage for long, you can do it easily. Since most security cameras come with specific storage space, you’ll need to buy more space to keep the footage longer. It is the most straightforward way to keep your surveillance camera footage for a long period of time. However, here we have included some ways that you can follow to store footage for longer-

  • Scheduled Recording

When you continuously record your surveillance camera footage, it will record both relevant and irrelevant footage at the same time. And this process will consume a lot of storage space. Therefore, you better use the scheduled recording option to maximize the storage space. The scheduled recording option will only record specific moments at a specific time.

  • Motion Detection Cameras

Another great way to store footage for longer is using a motion detection camera. This surveillance camera will only store or record videos when it notices any movement. Motion sensor cameras will also ensure high security by sending your alarm notifications. When only a specific moment is stored, you can save a lot of space and store more footage for a long time.

  • Export Footage

To keep your surveillance camera footage indefinitely, try exporting the footage to a separate hard drive or to your computer. This will allow you to save only the necessary video footage that you may need to watch later. Moreover, it is also a smart way to keep footage for longer.

  • Video Compression

Using a security camera with a video compression system will allow you to store more videos. The modern camera comes with H.265 specification, which will particularly help to keep the footage longer.

  • Cloud storage

Another effective way to keep your security footage longer is to store it in your cloud storage system. So that you can be able to access the stored footage anytime and from anywhere. Cloud storage systems allow you to store surveillance footage for days, months, or even years. Moreover, you can also buy several cloud storage plans to store more videos.

Final Thought

The storage system of live footage has become the current core issue. That is because the stored footage will let you inspect things twice and find out the reason behind any incident. Since CCTV footage plays a big role in ensuring proper security, you may want to know how long the camera keeps footage.

That’s why we have explained all the main facts related to the security camera’s footage storing system. We have also explained how long home security cameras keep the footage. So now we hope your thoughts are clear about the CCTV footage storing system, and thanks for staying with us till the end.

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