Google and Walmart Join Hands: Experience Voice Shopping Now!

It’s a busy life for everyone around and shopping for groceries, household items and more can be a hassle given the amount of time it takes. Not anymore! On Wednesday, 23 August 2017 Google and Walmart announced partnership to enable Voice Shopping with Google Assistant, the AI and natural language tool developed by Google.

Walmart has stepped into this venture with Google, unlike Amazon that’s taking on the world with Alexa. Google has announced this partnership with Walmart and other big-box brands like Costco, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and 40 other retailers.

Google Slashed its Membership Fees to Take on Amazon

While Amazon built its network with 99$ a year membership and free delivery within 1-2 days and even within 1 hour, Google has also slashed its membership price and offering free delivery within 1-3 days given the order value is above each store’s minimum.

Link Your Walmart Account with Google Express

Walmart has taken a full dive in voice-shopping by deep integration of Easy Reorder feature in Google Express. Existing Walmart customers can link their Walmart account with Google express and use voice to fill their cart with previously-ordered items or just repeat the past orders.

Easy Reorder feature tracks the online and in-house Walmart purchases of each user and even makes suggestions for the next purchase. This new voice shopping capability coupled with Walmart’s core value proposition including free two-day shipping and pickup discounts will compel the customers to get what they need at discounted prices with Google Assistant.

What’s in it for Google

Google’s partnership with Walmart is a well thought out move and the biggest retailer partnership it has ever made. The prime focus for Google is to broaden the audience for its voice enabled home assistant by creating the most personalized experience with Walmart and Google home on its side.

How Walmart Plans to Leverage on this Partnership

Walmart plans to leverage on its partnership with Google for voice shopping by enabling customers to buy everything from laundry detergent to Legos and a thousand other options using voice.

Voice Shopping is becoming a more important part of everyday shopping behavior.

Marc Lore, the Chief Executive of U.S. Walmart issued this statement emphasizing the need for voice shopping for present day consumers.

Easy-peasy shopping is just around the corner. By next year, Walmart plans to bring in its 4700 U.S. stores and create a customer experience with voice shopping unavailable elsewhere.

This includes shopping for groceries using voice and pick them ready and bagged from your favorite Walmart store or have them delivered to your doorstep. Yes, that’d be shopping for Walmart customers by next year.

Personalization is Taken to Another Level

Throw generic terms at Google express using voice and add items like bread, milk, butter, juice and it’ll know exactly what brand and quantity you’re asking for. Thanks to personalization with Walmart, this will soon become a reality for all Walmart users across the U.S.

Where Google will benefit from a larger audience for its Google Assistant Home Speaker, Walmart accompanied by Uber and Google is all set to take on its direct competitor, Amazon.

More is yet to come…

This is just the beginning of Google’s venture with Walmart, Tesco, Target and its likes in association with Google Express. There’s more in store and Google plans to take full dominance of the market currently ruled by Amazon.

Till now, Walmart is moving in the right direction. New innovations and shopping experiences have just begun. Now, it’ll be interesting to see what else Google and Walmart have in store for their customers.

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