Top Features of a Staffing Software that Could Help Your Business

Staffing software is a flexible solution that helps businesses operate at maximum efficiency. Apart from customer relationship management functions, the app solution also has other features, such as accounting, job posting, payroll, and digital applicant entry.

However, you can expect a bit of a learning curve when you introduce a software product in the organization. But you can accelerate the process through Staffing Software Training, where experts can either teach your personnel on-site or off-site using digital technology.

But why staffing software? Here are the top features of the solution that can help your business.

Features of a Staffing Software that Could Help Your Business

Job Orders

You can input items on the job order, and the system will automatically update so that you can get the most recent information. Also, you can track the person who places the order, the worker who fills the order, and who delivers the order.

You know that your Client and Employee records are fresh all the time. The comp rates for your employees are also carried over the payroll.

Get the status of each of your personnel, including job contracts and seasonal workers, at first glance.


With the built-in customer relationship management function, you do not need to purchase a dedicated software product. The Staffing Software Training will allow you to maximize all CRM features of the software. You can track client history from the time they were just mere leads until invoicing.

Another advantage is that every detail on the client can be accessed via simple command by those who are authorized to do so. They can also update the information as needed. You no longer have to worry about tasking since assigning and monitoring jobs are part and parcel of the program.


The program will automatically calculate the numbers that you input into the app. You can also customize the parameters to include overtime, holidays, vacation, garnishments, incentives, and others. Then, you can simply sit back and let the software do its magic.

The best part is that the system automatically recalculates the figures when you input new data. You won’t have to spend hours working on your payroll. There are two advantages to doing this: it means workers get paid on time, and you always know how much budget you are working with before the pay cycle.


One of the most common reasons why businesses fail is financial mismanagement. According to data, more than 8 in 10 startups folded due to poor understanding of the company’s cash flow.

It does not matter if they have an excellent product to sell. Either they will end up closing shop or be gobbled up by a bigger company.

The built-in accounting feature of the staffing software will help you always be on top of your finances. You can keep track of your accounts payables and receivables, while a General Ledger will ensure exhaustive reports.

Those are just a few features of the staffing software, which makes it an appealing solution to simplify your workflow and keep track of your finances.

The flexibility of the app allows you to shift from payroll to staffing seamlessly. You do not need to install multiple apps to handle each task.

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