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Most bloggers, e-commerce sites, and most website owners want to be noticed on search engines because 93% of online experiences start on a search engine. The only way to get seen on search engines is to get your search engine optimization right. And while not all website owners possess the required SEO skills, many of them resort to hiring writers with specific knowledge about SEO or experts from an online essay writing service.

What Is SEO Writing?

SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimization, and it involves making your website and webpages more attractive to search engines and boost traffic. Even though search engines use several factors to rank websites and pages, SEO writing aims at creating content by using specific keywords, phrases that’ll help search engines find and rank your page.

The major challenge of SEO writing is to write a balanced content that search engines can rank; however, there is a challenge of making the content interesting and appealing to readers.

Basics of SEO Writing

To be an SEO content writer, you have to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For written content, SEO is all about using the right keyword phrase and building your content around it. Most of the time, your clients will give you the keywords to use.

Once you have gotten your keyword or phrase, you need to research, and here is how;

Look up your keyword in a keyword tool such as SEO Book Keyword Tool or Google’s Keyword Tool. This search aims to look at the statistics around the keyword over the last month.

However, as much as you want a high ranking keyword or phrase with many quests, that is not your only consideration. The competition for that keyword is equally important. Bear in mind that if there are many searches on the keyword, you may find it difficult to rank with the same keyword in the search engine.

Therefore, it is sometimes beneficial to use a keyword with fewer searches and less competition.

Where to Use Keywords in SEO Writing

Once you have ascertained the level of competition around a keyword phrase, you have to know where and when to use those keywords in your write up. Using keywords in specific areas is another important thing if you must use keywords in the right way.

To rank your page, you may want to consider using keywords at least once in each of the following places;

  • Titles and headlines
  • Subtitles
  • Keywords, description, and tag all under the umbrella of Metadata
  • Links to other pages within the site that are relevant to the keyword
  • Within the main body of work
  • Graphic title and description

Bear in mind that you must use the keyword in titles, subtitles, headlines, and the article if you get paid to write the content. You must also let the client know the specific keywords you have targeted (except if you have the keywords to work with), enabling the client to put the keywords in the site’s metadata, links, and graphics.

Frequency of Keywords in SEO Writing

Search engines like Google hate to see a keyword repeated repeatedly. Therefore, you must avoid repetition because it makes the content boring and fake. Some experts have claimed that the perfect number of times to use a keyword is averagely between 3% to 7%, and thanks to WordPress plugins that will analyze your keyword frequency and notify you if it is too much or not enough.

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