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Information On Whether It’s Worth Investing In A Cheap Dash Cam

For the bargain hunters out there, the first consideration that comes to mind when searching for new tech gadgets is the price.

It can be problematic to resist the temptation of buying a budget dash camera that features on sites like Amazon.

But, if you buy a cheaper model, what can you expect? Dashboard cameras can cost anything you anything from $22 to $400 and more.

If you prefer purchasing a more affordable model, you’ll be spending around $50 or less.

The cheaper dashboard cameras don’t perform as favorable as the pricier models. However, tests have revealed some of the cheaper models still offer excellent value.

Cheap dashboard cameras have lesser recording resolution. Recording resolution defines the resolution that video is recorded in. The most more inexpensive cameras record in 1280 x 720 pixels (HD) or 1920 x 1080 pixels (full HD).

At first notice, it is impressive that a low-cost camera records in full HD. However, when you spend a little more, you can obtain the higher resolution dashboard cam that documents in Quad HD or higher. Dashboard camera features that you can look out for.

Some Of The Feature That Can Be Expected On Even The Cheapest Dash Cams

There are a small number of features that you can find on the most cost-effective cameras.

1. Audio recording

Audio can be highly useful as evidence when you’ve been involved in a collision, in addition to acceptable quality footage. A good dash camera can record audio with clear in-car sound, like interaction with the other party, the help prove your innocence in the insurance claim. Check out for some of the best dashcams under $100.

2. Auto-on function

Once your dashboard camera is plugged in, this feature turns on automatically when the ignition starts. This way, you will always have footage that can back up your claim, and you won’t have to worry about whether you’ve turned on the dashcam or not.

3. G-Force sensor

This feature detects high impact (G-force). The dashcam will save recorded footage for safekeeping, meaning it will not be overwritten once the memory runs out.

4. Still photo function

This permit you to use the dashcam as a camera for taking still images.

What Additional Features Can You Expect On Premium Dashcams?

The premium dashcams are equipped with the standard functions but also feature some of the fancier extras like:

1. Parking mode

This feature permits the dash camera to pick up any impact while the car is parked, automatically triggering recording as well as protecting your vehicle even when you’re absent.

2. GPS

The GPS feature in a dashcam automatically records location data on the drives and adds it to the recordings.

3. Wireless (Wi-Fi)

This permits you to displace footage directly from the dashcam to a tablet, PC, or smartphone when it is in range of the wireless internet connection. Instead of having to download the footage on your PC. It can be especially useful when the dashcam doesn’t contain a display screen; therefore, you can easily view footage on your smartphone.

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