Addicted To Your Mobile Phone? 10 Tips To Follow

Are you going through mobile phone addiction and need ways to get rid of it. Here are some of the best ways you won’t just be able to beat phone addiction but even be able to check phone usage.

1. Put Down Your Phone In Bed

Your sleeping time is the time that is your own. You should move all the disturbances away from you. It is in fact the best opportunity where you can curb mobile phone addiction.

It’s not just the interfering notifications of your mobile but even its blue light that could interfere with your sleep hormones. Although, you will find it hard to curb your mobile phone addiction for the first few nights, it will gradually go away.

2. Download Apps That Can Help You Check Phone Usage

Download Apps

There are several apps that help you keep tabs on how much you have used your device during the day. Amongst several such apps, one great app is Social Fever which helps you check phone usage and not just that, it even motivates you to take up activities and hobbies of your interest.

The app also has a real time clock tracker that hovers on the apps you are using. With the help of this you can easily be reminded to close an app when you exceed the allotted time.

3. Notifications Need to be Customized

We tend to check our phones every now and then for notifications. It is a tried and tested thing that when there are minimal notifications appearing on your device, you tend to check your phone less.

As a result, you are able to minimize your mobile phone addiction dramatically.

4. Trust Your Good Old Wrist Watch

Trust Your Good Old Wrist Watch

Why resort to a smartphone to keep a track of time when you can trust your old pal, your very own wrist watch instead?

You must have seen that as soon as you open the phone even if you wish to look at the time, you end up opening apps, checking social media, checking notification so on and so forth.

One thing leads to another and you again enter the vicious circle of mobile phone addiction.

5. Your Home Screen Should Be A Home To Distracting Apps

We are not asking you to delete all the apps from your phone to get rid of mobile phone addiction. We are just asking you to change the location of all the distracting apps which would certainly help you beat phone addiction.

You could try creating folders and sub-folders and put all the distracting apps there which would make it complicated for you to reach such apps.

6. Curb Your Scrolling Habits

To consume the endless feeds on a multitude of social media sites, we end up scrolling incessantly. This bottomless scrolling keeps us glued for hours at stretch which is one of the cornerstones of mobile phone addiction.

That’s because our brain keeps thinking of what would come next.

It would take a certain amount of control, patience and determination but once you have made up your mind you will be able to put a full-stop to incessant scrolling.

7. Calming Your Mind Is Imperative

Calming Your Mind Is Imperative

Anxiety is the first thing that strikes when you open social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram especially if you are pals or a significant person is posting updates where you are not there.

Such instances increase your dopamine levels and on the flip-side can even lead to addiction.

For the natural release of dopamine you can resort to yoga, meditation, exercise or other activities that can reduce your dopamine craving and therefore, even help with your mobile phone addiction.

8. Friends Could Help

If you are someone who is obsessive about social media and smartphone, you could ask one of your friends or family members to hold you accountable.

Especially, in gatherings where incessant scrolling might be considered rude, you can ask one of your friends to call you out. This would help you break your indulgence with your phone.

9. Complicate your lock code

It’s simple, if it’s hard to get past that lock screen, you would soon want to use your phone as little as possible. So, spice your lock screen with everything that you can possibly think of.

Numbers, uppercase and lowercase alphabets, special characters or a combination of all these. You could even try increasing the length of your lock code so that it takes some time to get past.

10. Going on a Cell Phone Diet

Last but not the least, you can go on a cell phone diet. Just as in case of dieting, you would restrain or reduce the consumption of certain food items. You can try the same with a cellphone too.

This will definitely help and you should check phone usage which would have decreased. Assign timings when you would not permit yourself to use a phone.

Though smartphones are an essential part of your life, it is important to note that you should not let smartphones take control of your life.

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