7 Reasons To Add Sip Trunking To Your Telephone System

It may be the time to look at shifting your contact center from PRI trunks to SIP trunks in case you have not done so already. Due to a number of recent cloud – driven technology developments, the case for SIP trunking is now even stronger. You might significantly enhance customer care by setting up SIP trunks in place and therefore save cash as well as improve agility.

Just What Is Sip Trunking?


SIP trunks are utilized to replace the physical connections between your communication center as well as the phone system using virtual contacts which are taken over an IP community.

SIP trunks, in contrast, permit you to create PSTN connections over any IP-based network. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) formats calls into IP packets which may be carried over Public internet services and mpls. This can improve flexibility and save money by consolidating telephony services onto a single broadband IP connection which offers all of your electronic uses.

These days, industry experts estimate more than one half of PRI connections on the planet were converted to SIP trunks. Furthermore, a lot of PRI service providers have announced plans to end their PRI contracts. It’s obvious the whole telephone network will probably be changed to SIP trunking.

Increased Reliability

So long as you’ve a great connection to the internet and also have set up your SIP trunk with all the provider, you should not have any issues making use of your SIP trunk. Concentrating on what’s essential for you while chatting clearly and succinctly is what SIP trunking can do.


You might have experienced instances when your telephone service was disrupted or wasn’t available, in case you depend on standard landlines to make your phone calls. Lines of call could become damaged, and this could hinder your ability to speak with those you wish to speak with.


SIP trunks enable you to speak with anybody you would like, so long as you’ve internet access.

2.  Improved Reliability


A fibre cut or equipment breakdown in a PRI access line can idle all agents in a communication center and also adversely affect the customer experience.


Much more resilient compared to PRIs, SIP trunks are able to reroute calls over an alternate link to keep agents connected in the event of network or equipment breakdown. Multi-location contact centers also can boost agent utilization, as calls could be routed more quickly between agents and locations.

3. Instantaneous Scalability


With SIP trunking, you do not need to be worried whether your PSTN link has sufficient capacity to deal with the following marketing plan or the annual Christmas holiday sales surge. SIP trunks scale quickly to a number of concurrent calls. In contrast to PRIs, you do not purchase capability in 23/30 channel increments. There’s flexible capability provided by SIP trunking.


SIP trunks effortlessly hook up to automatic dialers in outbound communication centers. This enables you to make simultaneous calls with huge volumes of calls. The secret to keeping representatives very busy are car dialers, and they enable you to rapidly issue recorded voice notifications (e.g., reverse 911) to a large audience.

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