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SEO Tools that will Take Your Marketing Plan to The Next Level

As 2021 unfolds, devising a perfect marketing plan has never been more crucial. Today, business marketers have to do more than just planning to achieve long-term business goals. Digital marketing is one of the prime aspects that can uplift any business in the competitive market. It offers cheap and more effective strategies as compared to traditional advertisements. With the companies shifting their operations online, the importance of search engine optimization has increased profoundly.

Search engine optimization or simply SEO is the process of enhancing the quantity and quality of the content. It mainly focuses on improving the rankings of your website and ensuring maximum online presence. With the vanishing of in-person trades worldwide, businesses are shifting from a traditional brick-and-mortar to an advanced digital marketplace. The digital landscape offers unique challenges for both small and large companies.

This is why SEO has become critical in digital marketing to help businesses grow in new markets. Moreover, the availability of a variety of tools can make the whole process easier for digital marketers. With that said, let’s discuss some great SEO tools to enhance your digital marketing plan.

SEO Tools that will Take Your Marketing Plan to The Next Level


When discussing the top SEO tools for your business, analytics are never an exception. The tool can do wonders for your business by providing accurate and relevant data to devise a perfect marketing strategy. Since targeting the right audience is crucial, it is essential to know your consumers’ interests and expectations from your brand or products.

Every entrepreneur struggles to conduct surveys and research regarding traditional practices. It is best to employ Google Analytics to monitor your business’s performance online and achieve higher rankings on the search engines. The tool will automatically collect the data and show real-time analytics for your business. It will further share the details to help improve your website’s technical SEO performance.

Using the tool at the start might sound challenging. However, its benefits are worth the efforts. However, it is not an SEO tool directly. But it offers an efficient approach to giving relative insights on your current performance and the areas that need improvement. This way, you can easily alter the content and update the strategies to rank higher and generate quality leads for your business.


If you are not performing keyword research for your business website, then you are missing out huge. Keyword research is an essential aspect of SEO. This research is vital to find your targeted audience and what they are searching for online. For instance, when users search on Google, they will write a query or keyword. It will take them to the list of results from where they can choose.

Your website must have these keywords in the content. It helps in attracting more visitors to your website. Avoiding this will never help your website to get listed higher in the search engine, leading to zero traffic and leads.

Now you might be thinking, how can you identify those keywords that can help you to rank high on the search engine? It is where keyword research tools come in handy with an integrated keyword database for your business’s digital needs. These tools give insight into the most lucrative keywords you can use to rank on the search engine.

Not just that, but using this tool will allow you to research the competitors and the keywords they are using to rank on Google. You do not necessarily have to copy their keywords, thinking that it will help you outrun potential competitors. Instead, finding your niche-specific keywords with high search volume is the only way to achieve maximum organic traffic.


While doing SEO for your business website, most of your work will revolve around keywords. That is why you should include Google Trends in the list of your preferred SEO tools. As the name implies, the free tool provides the latest searches and trends around the world. It will help if you pick keywords that are widely used by your target consumers when searching for a brand or product.

All you need to do is to visit the free tool and search the trending keywords. Next, use these keywords to optimize the content on the website. Staying relevant with seasonal variations of searches and trends is the best approach to getting ranked higher and increasing brand exposure.


Despite significant benefits for SEO, most business marketers are unaware of this tool. Google My Business allows you to connect with the customers locally. Just because attracting organic search traffic is not possible overnight, that does not mean you cannot engage your market’s local consumers. Google My Business is the most authentic and cheap tool available to maintain a strong online presence on search engines.

It allows companies to list their business details online to target the right audience and help customers find their favorite brands locally. It enables your business’s visibility on Google Maps and search results, thus increasing your rankings without much struggle.


SEO is not limited to desktop users only. In fact, you will need to plan for both desktop and mobile users to achieve higher leads and conversions. With above 3.5 billion mobile users worldwide, more than half of the web traffic comes through these devices.

It is important to consider the mobile-friendly audience for your marketing plan and attract paying customers. For that instance, professionals recommend designing a mobile responsive website to assist the traffic coming specifically from the mobile phones. Mobile responsiveness means improved user experience for both desktop and mobile users.

Moreover, Google is constantly improving its search algorithm for a better user experience on the search engine. It prefers mobile-friendly websites and gives them more authority for ranking in the search results. Using these tools can assist you in reducing bounce rates and retaining visitors to your website.

Final Words

Getting started with SEO is indeed overwhelming for small businesses in this paradigm shift to the digital landscape. However, using the right tools and strategies can boost your business and take its marketing to the next level. It is best to research the audience and incorporate all essential elements to your website to ensure a powerful online presence.

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